Carlos And The Call Girl #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin

October will be a very scary month for Carlos Garza! Besides being sued by the SEC to force his compliance with their ongoing investigation in to GAWminers, Carlos has a Vermont court date coming up. 
A couple months ago Carlos was trying to drown his sorrow, got a little overserved, drove while under the influence and flipped his car. Carlos should have gone to court for this long ago but just as he did with his SEC hearing, Carlos begged the court for extensions to delay the inevitable. However this month Carlos will have to put on his big boy pants and take responsibility for his actions.

There’s also a mystery woman connected to Carlos who has a court date this month though I’m not sure if she’s friend or foe to Carlos.

Within the megabytes of GAW leaked emails there’s a postscript to one of the messages that’s very odd. It appears back in February Carlos had a bit of trouble which left him broke in Miami and needing help to get out of town. The P.S. is below:

“I am worried about your brother. He may have got himself in a situation in Miami. I Helped him out where I could wire him $4000. I think he may have pissed off the wrong people doing something down there. Look out for him. I don’t know what it is but I am concerned that he might be in trouble.
He asked me for info on to people REDACTED and REDACTED. I have attached there info into this email. i just get a sense something serious is happening and please look out for him as I just get a sense he might be in danger from them. Please keep the attached docs between us. He asked me to pull there info last night and wouldn’t tell me why but said he was “In Some Dark Shit”. He was stuck for cash so I loaned him Money to get him home safe from Miami and then got him an Uber Right home and the uber driver called me and was like “what was wrong with your friend? He gave me his New Watch. He seemed super scared about something” It was all very strange. Just thought I’d make you aware of it as I would hate for anything to happen to him.”

Weird isn’t it? Carlos was in Miami to attend a Bitcoin conference/party at the Clevelander Hotel-which is where he probably ran into the “Dark Shit”.  The Clevelander is well known for being a party hotel (and it accepts bitcoins!). The place is a little wild for a hotel, you don’t stay at the Clevelander to get a good night’s sleep.

I have no clue what happened that night but from what I read in other emails, Carlos was still freaked out a week later. I checked out the names mentioned in the post script and found they were a father and daughter who I’ll refer to as John and Jane Doe.

John is a banker and pretty well off financially. His daughter, Jane, is a beautiful young woman who graduated not long ago from a prestigious private college. She was doing some freelance work as a tutor and a promotional model.

A week after the party at the Clevelander, Jane was arrested for possession with intent to sell and for prostitution.   

Jane wouldn’t be the first person to get mixed up in drugs and prostitution to pay the bills, especially in Miami, but she had just passed a background check to work for the tutoring company so it looks like this arrest was actually her first offense. 

Like Carlos, Jane has had several court dates set but has received extension after extension. In her case it’s believed she’s been in some sort of rehab and since it’s her first offense, the court has granted extensions to allow her to complete treatment. Like Carlos, Jane has another court date set this month and in her case I hope it goes well for her. For Carlos…not so much.

Jane’s father is a banker with an international banking organization. Carlos being involved with both father and daughter seems bizarre. Maybe John Doe was another angry investor. Perhaps it’s a case of getting caught with the daughter by an angry father.  But in light of all the alleged charges against GAW and the Garzas it’s interesting to note that the bank John Doe works for has been accused of money laundering in the past and that John Doe himself spent several years working for the bank in Columbia. I’m sure any alleged organizations or individuals who were allegedly laundering money through GAWminers would be pissed about all the investigations going on. 

Who knows what the “Dark Shit” is? But much food for thought. 

Screen capture of the original PS with redactions.