SCAM ALERT PART 2: WE Political Consulting, First Contact

This is the first email sent to prospective members of We Political Consulting. Now, a form letter could certainly be expected and not at all out of line but one would also expect it to be proofread and error free.

“If you like his info and interested” is not only a bit sloppy for a professional organization, it’s sloppy for a professional con artist. Whoever ran the scam wasn’t very professional but she did manage to make the recipient of the email part of a special “IN” group. That’s typical in a con game: make your target feel like he or she is elites, one of the cool kids.

Subject: 56-group
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 08:06:04 -0700

Thank you for your interest.  
We have an exceptional group of women already and adding the last few to complete this group. 
If you like his info and interested – then I will email you more info for you to review about the conference, our phases of work, and etc.

Here you go!  🙂    
What we are doing is not a small-undertaking.  WE have worked for years for a solution to meaningful and purposeful political reform that has all Americans living a better life and now we are taking steps to prepare to implement.  WE launch in 2014 but our work has already begun with various groups.

WE are looking at you for the 56-Founders Group.  Just like the Founding Fathers we will have 56 people on this team.  However, this time around the 56-members are ALL female.

We are are working underground until we are ready to launch so we do not take the chance of having the 1% knock us over.  We can guarantee you they are not going to like what we are doing – until later and then we believe even the 1% will be happier in America. 🙂    

Our work is completely legal working within our given rights outlined in the Constitution. 

This is not a normal campaign or even project request.  We are innovative in our approach so we have timely-results with complete success.  

You would be required to attend our spring Conference in DC as well as do one-assignment and then full-fill your duty as a member of this group by helping to draft the document that will become one of the most historical pieces of our time; Citizens’ Contract with Candidates.  

This contract is to assure we are endorsing candidates who will help in political reform by taking money out of the system and making sure that ALL are represented and not just the 1% among other things that we will discuss.  

You also will be reviewing bios and info about candidates so this group can vote on for our Endorsement List.  

You don’t have much more to do past this other than think-tank sessions and voting on various things we get ready to implement in programs for the people. 

We have planned in our budget for 40% of our gross volume will go toward building programs for the people that we have already outlined that will help build our economy and make sure that no person in the country is homeless or hungry! Other programs as well to benefit all.  

WE are excited to share with you so please email us back and let us know if you are interested in knowing more.  

Thank you.
Team of “WE”

This is some of We Political Consulting promotional material: