Prevent Retzlaff From Abusing The Legal System Again

The criminal jury trial of Thomas Retzlaff will begin November 2nd. 

For the past year Retzlaff has bragged about being from a rich family and living on a trust fund allowance of $5,000 a month. And for the past year Retzlaff has stated that the state of California has no jurisdiction over him. 

In a pretrial hearing on October 13th, Retzlaff got himself declared indigent which mean he’ll be provided with an attorney from the Independent Defense Counsel of California, the state he says has no jurisdiction over him, and he won’t be paying for it, despite his trust fund.

This is ridiculous, Retzlaff won’t be showing up for the trial. He’s been a bully for years and now that he has to face consequences for his actions he’s chickening out. Once again Retzlaff is abusing the legal system and laughing about it.

The Independent Defense Counsel made a very bad decision and if Retzlaff is telling the truth below, he’s been in contact with the IDC office for quite some time. 

You can protest this bad decision and do so anonymously with the Santa Clara Whistleblower’s Program at this link.  Click Here to File a Complaint