SCAM ALERT PART 3: WE Political Consulting, The Conference

Here’s the itinerary for the We Are America conference that was to be held in 2014. Tickets for the conference were sold in advance for $750 each.

As you can see from the Marriot email , the conference never took place.

Those who purchased tickets weren’t given refunds. Those who paid with credit cards were able to get their money back through their credit card companies. Those who wired their money are still waiting.

The email at the bottom shows the owner of We Are America shaming a victim for getting a refund.

NOTE: “No Refunds” is not an enforceable policy. Consumer laws require that refunds be made regardless of any business policy. Cancellation fees may be charged should a customer cancel a reservation but considering payments made as “Donations” isn’t legal unless the organization is a 501 non profit organization.

From: “Johnson, Stacey” <>

Date: May 28, 2014 at 3:45:42 PM CDT


Cc: “” <>

Subject: RE: Letter regarding Conference

Good Afternoon,

Please accept my apologies for the timing of this. I have attached a letter stating the above meeting has/will not be taking place at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park.

If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.

Stacey Johnson | Director of Group Sales
Washington Marriott Wardman Park |
2660 Woodley Road NW Washington, DC 20008
D. 202.328.2940 | M. 202.359.9536 | E.

From: <>

Date: March 19, 2014 at 9:43:23 PM CDT


Subject: Results from the call

Our core group got on the call. I explained to them what was going on the best I know as I don’t quite understand what is going on with you as you will not answer me and you did not join the call.

People are very concerned at what has happened with you. We are working very hard – and you are accusing our project and our goals as being a scam. This has upset everyone.

You have hurt our funding by reversing charges without notice right when we had large payment due to our designer team that we were counting on their work for first of April for our project.

Honestly, when I was asking the members if anyone had spoken with you to give me some insight as to what is going on – they did not remember you other than one-person because you are never on the calls. I don’t say this to hurt you but maybe had you been in the meetings you would understand more of what we have been working on and discussing as a group. This core group all know each other from being part of our project and you not knowing anyone and them not knowing you speaks to why you don’t know anything going on.

Even before this I have felt bad that you have not been more engaged with the group and so I made sure you were the 2nd one on the list of me working personally with to get your area going. As a matter of fact – THREE other members have been working the preparation FOR YOU and your area Barbara! We wanted to make this easier on you and so they have taken THEIR time to help you out so you had a good-start. So disappointed people have been hurt like this.

Other than what is going on with this with you right now – we are very excited about our new direction and what we have going on and so I have to say once again – which is consensus of the group – we will not take lightly being slandered. We are NOT a scam.

This is very unfair to be accused of this especially out of left-field when you have not been on the calls or participated in the group anymore than you have or told me WHY you are coming to this conclusion so I or the entire group can address. You ignored my invitation and my attempt to make you feel comfortable and answer your questions.

As of now, nothing has changed in dates for our trip. We have decided to discuss as a group later to see if we all choose to go at a later date. But, for you to jump to the conclusion that we are not going before even contacting me makes no sense. I have ALWAYS been available to you or anyone else to answer questions or be of help in anyway that I can.

I am very shaken by this turn of events today. I held the Emergency Conference Call to benefit you and you did not even join us or your brother whom I also invited. Now I have our members upset over this situation.

If you just wanted your money back and did not want me working Chicago next with you – then you were welcome to simply talk with me about this.

We have a couple of people who took the school spring break last week and worked around the clock on our project. This is very sad to hurt their work goals in this as well. We are grassroots and not well-funded yet so for you to contact your credit card company without contacting our group first has harmed us. Your accusations of us being a scam will harm us further.

Please make this right, REDACTED. Myself or anyone else has not done anything to hurt you.

Another thing REDACTED – we have NEVER had a reverse charge on our merchant account or checking account and this hurts our credit RIGHT when we have requested to increase our charge limit. How upsetting the damage that has been done.

I have to get back to work. I have lost lots of work time with this today and then again tonight to try to help you with all this.