SCAM ALERT PART 4: An Email To We Are America

There could be a logical explanation for why someone would create a political organization that solicited loans from its members and then disappeared when the members wanted the loans repaid. I can’t actually think of an explanation…but there could be one.
I am a very open minded person.

Or should I call you REDACTED?

This email is to notify you that the loans made to REDACTED and We Are America are being called in. Repayments on all of those loans are long overdue. You have until Thursday at 3 pm to reply with a concrete repayment plan to repay the individuals you borrowed money from, to refund the We Are America tickets for the conference that didn’t take place, and to make appropriate restitution to individuals who lost money to We Are America in any other manner.

On Thursday all information related to We Are America will be published online and provided to the appropriate legal authorities. Please note that thus far we’re aware your operation involved half a dozen states so authorities in each of those states, as well as your own, will be notified.

The 48 hours reprieve is given because there’s a possibility, however slight, that We Are America was created with good intentions and got out of hand. I can imagine a 9 BILLION dollar projected income for 2015 could be overwhelming (By the way, how’s that budget projection working out for you?). Attempting to rectify your errors by compensating or outlining plans to compensate, your victims now might help to reduce damage to your reputations and offset the appearance that you’re a couple of con artists who deliberately scammed innocent people out of their money. 

From what I’ve observed, it appears you deliberately planned to swindle your victims by selling tickets to an event that was never going to take place and solicited loans that you had no intention to repay. After your victims started publicly voicing their grievances you closed social media accounts and websites, and tried to delete your presence from the internet. And changed your name. To me this shows consciousness of guilt. I suppose you could point out your 9 Billion dollar budget and plead insanity, a case could be made for that. I’m willing to give you an opportunity to explain your actions and provide plans on how you’ll repay your victims.

Please respond as soon as possible with your loan repayment schedule. Thanks for your timely attention to this matter.


PS: I think it would also be a good idea to take down the to show that you aren’t selling tickets to another imaginary conference or running a new confidence game.

PPS: This email will be posted publicly in redacted form.