TimeLine of Jueseppi aka @MrNegroMilitant; September 2015

In his quest to be the blackest Black man in America, Jueseppi thought that tweeting a picture of Obama with a noose around his neck would be a good idea. That it was in extreme bad taste, not to mention inherently racist seemed to escape him.  

Naturally some people thought his tweet was in bad taste and got on his case. Jueseppi claimed the tweet was photoshopped…which was odd cuz the original was still on his timeline. He finally deleted the tweet today but forgot that many people had retweeted it and screen capped it. 

He also forgot he embedded the tweet on his own blog. It’s saved forever in the Wayback Machine here.

People are taking a good look at Jueseppi since it appears he played some part in the WE Political Consultant scam.

Note: MrNegroMilitant, whose ethics and taste we question uses this avatar:
His nemesis is @NegroMilitant (without the Mr.) who keeps watch on Jueseppi to make sure he stays within the lines. @NegroMilitant uses this avatar:

♛AnonNOTORIOUS™ @MrNegroMilitant
When you ignore the #BlackGenocide against people who voted for you, TWICE, YOU commit political suicide, Barack.

TheObamaCAT ‏@TheObamaCat 
TheObamaCAT Retweeted

Please report racist troll @MrNegroMilitant (aka suspended @MrMilitantNegro) @BRios82 @theobamadiary @MsRock4Ever https://twitter.com/MrNegroMilitant/status/616920005863710720 …

Maverick™ ‏@spooney35
@TheObamaCat Why would > @MrNegroMilitant < Tweet this? @MrMilitantNegro @BRios82 @theobamadiary @MsRock4Ever

♛AnonNOTORIOUS™ ‏@MrNegroMilitant
@spooney35 this troll @TheObamaCat makes photoshopped garbage, please don’t tweet to her with my name included. @MrMilitantNegro @BRios82 r

Maverick™ ‏@spooney35
No worries @MrNegroMilitant @TheObamaCat @MrMilitantNegro @BRios82

♛AnonNOTORIOUS™ ‏@MrNegroMilitant
@spooney35 Screen shot of a tweet will have a time stamp, this twat @TheObamaCat is very unskilled in her trolling of my account.

michael french ‏@michaelfrench52
@MrNegroMilitant This isn’t photoshopped; I just pulled it from your TL a couple minutes ago @spooney35 @TheObamaCat

♛AnonNOTORIOUS™ ‏@MrNegroMilitant
@michaelfrench52 Exactly, it ain’t photoshopped, and I mean every muthafuckin word. Those U CAN;T pull from me R. Photoshopped @TheObamaCat

SweetJess AquariAnne ‏@LadyJess1990
@MrNegroMilitant you’re disgusting

♛AnonNOTORIOUS™ ‏@MrNegroMilitant
@LadyJess1990 Kindly stay your ignorant ass off my TL. Kindly do this as well.


BWD ‏@theonlyadult
@MrNegroMilitant LOL, you piece of shit still not on jail?

♛AnonNOTORIOUS™ ‏@MrNegroMilitant 
@theonlyadult No, I’m visiting with your mom, we’re having dessert on my deck. http://twitter.com/thotery/status/610252794688204800/photo/1pic.twitter.com/R5it9tElx2