AllSquareCat And Her Personal Anonymous Army

I guess Lyndsey aka AllSquareCat was mad about this post where she talked way too much. So she trolled an old website and left a comment on behalf of All Anonymous threatening to attack me. 

BUT…Lyndsey wasn’t using protection and left her IP behind. You’d think Neal would have taught her better than that.
Lyndsey is a mother and housewife and lives in Greeley, Colorado which is where the IP resolves to. Besides being Neal’s latest Enabler and Apologizer, Lyndsey works for another infamous internet character, Doug Spink, promoting his Cryptostorm top secret super duper anonymous browser. You’d think Lyndsey would get free use of the service especially when she plans to make anonymous threats on behalf of All Anonymous.

Lyndsey must have a high tolerance for animal abuse and bestiality considering Douglas’ romantic history with horses and sexual escapades with dogs. Her association with Doug puts a whole new slant on her love of cats and her #AllCatPack friends.

Anyway, I guess leaving an anonymous comment on a blog was faster than sending a tweet or an email.