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A Tweet From The Great Beyond; Junaid Hussain aka TriCK Sept, 2015

Junaid Hussain was a British hacker who joined ISIS and was killed this year by a dronestrike on August 26th.  Though Hussain used the account @_teamP0ison and later @_AbuHu55ain, it looks like he also had an account under his hacker name @TriCK.The @TriCK account went silent years ago until recently it responded to random conversation that mentioned his account. That tweet

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RonBrynaert and Cryptostorm

Ron Brynaert goes after Doug Spink aka Cryptostorm Ron Brynaert @ronbryn ・24 Nov 2014 Is your pal – former InfraGard member Neal Rauhauser – on the crypto_storm team? @allsquarecat@cryptostorm_is … Mark @ChildDelinquent ・24 Nov 2014 @ronbryn @AllSquareCat @cryptostorm_is carrot asked that before. I think neal is just a supporter Ron Brynaert @ronbryn ・24 Nov 2014 FBI informant Neal Rauhauser

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Seize And Decyst; Sue Basko Does Law on Twitter; Jan 2014

“…you associate online with bad people who do such things, who post obscenity and who stalk.” Sue Basko Susan, associate of JoJo Camp and Tom Retzlaff,  could be describing herself. @JosephACamp @WvuSoldier WVU, What is your name, rank, and serial number? This is legal question. @JosephACamp @WvuSoldier WVU Are you impersonating a member of the military? If not, name rank and

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Shmoop and Isis

In case you’re wondering what all the drama with Shmoop is about, it was summarized in a comment on the Libel Blahg. And of course Neal has to give his two cents worth.A life lesson, choose your friends wisely.As for Neal’s comment on the same blog, The FBI were close in their assessment that Neal is a psychopath. Actually he

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Meet Fausty aka Doug Spink

Fausty was one of Doug Spink’s online names used when he left comments on forums.  He also had a website by that name. Little did Doug know that the Fausty alias was known to Law Enforcement. The old domain now redirects to Doug Spink’s OneName account. This is my simple religion. There’s no need for temples; no need for complicated

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