SCAM Alert PART 8; Scam Site Taken Down

I recently checked Marlene’s latest scam website, only to find that it had been taken down and replaced with a 451 Error page. Google says a 451 error is:

Error 451
 is a new error code that we want ISPs to show when people visit websites blocked for legal reasons. Courts can require ISPs to block access to certain websites. Showing the Error 451 message makes it clear when a website has been blocked after a court order

I have no idea if the site was taken down due to an investigation into the scam or for some other legal reason, but I have hopes that an Attorney General in some state, somewhere, is looking into Marlene Nadeau and her “conferences”.

I did get one page of the website saved on the Wayback Machine. I wish I’d saved the one where Marlene had her conference scheduled. This scheme sounds goofier than her first one. Imagine Marlene directing others towards mental health? Seriously?