$20 Promise By Josh Garza Of GAWMiners; Dec, 2014

Here is one of the pronouncements made by Josh Garza where he promised his company GAWMiners (or whatever variation or incarnation it was at the time) would buy back Paycoin (aka XPY) for $20 each.   

GAWMiners and Garza are under investigation by several 3 letter organizations for an assortment of alleged crimes.    

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Paybase Rescheduled

Lets just get to it, first the bad news.

Paybase has been rescheduled to 29th of December .

We wanted to have it available to you by 23/24, but Wednesday is
Christmas Eve and many of our staff will be home with their families.
While we know Paybase is important, but we think its more important
for our staff to be with their families for the holiday. The majority of
them have not stopped working to make Paybase available to you
for the last weeks.

Plus, we want to have our full staff available to you when it goes live.

Here is the good news. While Paybase is delayed, its going to be
much more powerful at launch. We have made some significant
upgrades for you. Here is what you can expect at launch!

  • We will use the extra time to stress test Paybase
  • We will buy your XPY for $20 each with NO verification
     and as soon as you open your account!
  • You will be able to move between XPY to BTC with NO verifications levels!
  • We will start rolling out new Paybase debit card!!!!
  • We will launch with no fees!

Plus, we have a free gift, to make up for the delay, for the launch of Paybase.
For those of you that been around for a while,

you know we give good gifts! It will be the best one yet.

Also, here are some of the things you can expect immediately after launch:

  • PaySave roll out!
  • GoCoin integration!
  • Paybase will give you the ability to exchange to and from other currencies!

Thank you for your patience. We know there have been some bumps in the road,
Paycoin has been a huge success (primarily where the challenges have come from!),
we have been flooded with calls from merchants and investors. Its been an incredible
last few weeks.

Thanks, GAW Staff

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