Super Seekrit CryptoStorm Creator Spink Arrested…Again

Poor Neal and Lyndsey and all the rest of the AllCatPack who have been promoting, working on, using, and supporting Doug Spink’s super seekrit VPN service. 
The allcatpack worked so hard to con people into using Spink’s Virtual Private Network, Cryptostorm despite that his last VPN service, Cryptocloud, went belly up when Spink was arrested for drug smuggling and sent to prison.

Doug turned informant to get a reduced sentence and put on supervised release but then he screwed that up and ended back in prison for violating the terms of his parole. He was supposed to keep his hands off computers and animals. Doug wasn’t able to do that. He was busted living in a mobile home with both animals and computers. 

There’s such irony that Doug provided a service for others to be anonymous online but gets vanned by the Feds who seem to know exactly what he’s been up to and know all his bestiality websites.

Despite all the efforts of the allcatpack to whitewash Douglas’s image, he has once again run afoul of the law. It looks like Cryptostorm will go belly up like Cryptocloud since Douglas made a guarantee that if there was any chance of secrecy being compromised, Cryptostorm would self destruct first.

From the charges listed below, it’s likely that Doug will be spending some time in jail again.  Unless he makes a deal with the Feds….again. 

I’m sure glad I didn’t believe the Neal’s hype about total anonymity.

Doug Spinks, Neal Rauhauser, Lyndsey Hawkins and BadBitCoinOrg worked together trying to raise funds for their assorted, not-quite-legit, businesses. They created this little tumbler site called Several Startups

Click here to read about Doug Spink’s arrest

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