Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned, AsherahResearch And Cryptostorm 2014

Douglas Spink was originally arrested in 2005 for trying to smuggle 149 Kilos (that’s 328 pounds!) of cocaine across the US/Canada border. Doug received a 3 year sentence much of which was supervised release.

In a seizure that helped lead to his downfall, federal agents and Monroe Police last February stopped a car driven by Douglas Spink, one of Kesling’s drug couriers, and confiscated 149 kilograms of cocaine with an approximate street value of $34 million. And that, the judge noted, “was just one shipment.”

Though Spink has denied cooperating with Feds, his version of events never seem to line up with reality. In the conversation below, AsherahResearch tries to warn others about Spink and Cryptostorm.

Invictus @Shrouded 22 Dec 2014
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Mark @ChildDelinquent 22 Dec 2014

@Shrouded @cryptostorm_is really?

Invictus @Shrouded 22 Dec 2014

@ChildDelinquent @cryptostorm_is correct.

 Trevor Pierce @1Copenut 22 Dec 2014

@Shrouded @cryptostorm_is I’m game. Tired of muh ISP wave-shaping Spotify. 

Dead Agent @asherahresearch 22 Dec 2014

@ChildDelinquent Uh, that one has a catch. Just saying. 

Anonymous @anonycast 23 Dec 2014

@asherahresearch @ChildDelinquent What’s the catch? 

Dead Agent @asherahresearch 23 Dec 2014

@anonycast Farther up the thread I posted a link. tl;dr fed supervision & multiple felony convictions w/cooperation.

Anonymous @anonycast 23 Dec 2014

@asherahresearch Who @shrouded

Dead Agent @asherahresearch 23 Dec 2014

@anonycast Dunno who that is. Referring to Doug Spink.

Anonymous @anonycast 23 Dec 2014

@asherahresearch Spink never cooperated with anyone, which is why they went after him like they did. Spink is a radical, perfect for vpn

Dead Agent @asherahresearch 23 Dec 2014

@anonycast That’s not the least true. He certainly cooperated:

This is an excerpt from that link posted by @asherahresearch