The Best Little PornHouse in Texas

Lauren Savage is Vice President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, an organization dedicated to getting Texas to secede from the United States and form the Republic of Texas. 

Actually, the Republic of Texas was established 20 years ago but you know, stuff happens.  There was dissension within the Republic and it split into 3 factions. I guess that’s kind of like a 3 way civil war…or maybe more like an adult version of King of The Hill. 

One faction kidnapped members of another faction and held them hostage for a week in a standoff against the Texas Rangers. Eventually they surrendered and were sent to prison. 

Then in 1998 the leaders of another faction were sent to prison for threatening to assassinate President Clinton and other government officials. 

Fortunately there was one faction left to rule the Republic of Texas, the president, Daniel Miller whose vice president was, coincidentally, Lauren Savage who also goes by the name Laurence Savage.

 I’m not sure if the Republic of Texas is still in existence. I think Daniel and Lauren called a Mulligan and started over so they can find new members to replace the ones in prison.

Lauren is a very successful businessman. He owns a publishing company called TGS Publishing
 and a Domain Hosting company called Lone Star Domains.

 Both companies are in Frankston, Texas in the same mobile home.

Lauren forgets to keep his dual lives separate and uses his Republic of Texas email address to register domains.

Lauren also owns several websites such as and the White Supremacist site, run by Robert Warren Ray.

There’s also a radio program at a website called It’s hosted by Robert Warren Ray (he calls himself Azzmador) and his sidekick called Ghost. And guess what, Ghost is Lauren Savage!

Bobby Ray recently published a nude photo of a woman in retaliation for something he thought she did. This is called revenge porn. Revenge Porn is illegal. 

Maybe Lauren Savage wasn’t aware of this. Maybe revenge porn is legal in the Republic of Texas. Lauren publishes a lot of books through TGS Publishing. Some of them are religious and spiritual books but most of his sales come from porn. Lauren also has a website that sells his “adult erotica”.

Maybe Lauren thinks all porn is ok even when it’s used to humiliate, intimidate and harass someone?

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