Doug Spink, Political Prisoner; February, 2011

Doug Spink wrote a very long review in 2011 but attached a lengthy bio of himself written in the third person. We have that down below… he wrote the bio too. It’s very alternate reality.

In the reality everyone else lives in, smuggling cocaine across an international border is a crime. Spink was charged with that crime and sentenced. His sentence was reduced because of his cooperation with law enforcement but there was nothing political about it.

Douglas Bryan LeConte-Spink is a co-founder of Baneki Privacy Computing — a no-compromise provider of world-class network security and privacy services.  He carries an MBA from the University of Chicago, a B.A. in cultural anthropology from Reed College, and has studied complex systems theory at the doctoral level. He is a longtime activist in the field of inter-species sociocultural symbiosis, a fixed-object jumper who has opened many new exitpoints worldwide (BASE 715), a practising Zen Buddhist, a successful mentor to several International-level showjumping stallions, a longtime technology entrepreneur, a former operational member of a US/Canadian helicopter smuggling crew, an organizer of underground electronic music gatherings in the Pacific Northwest, and served proudly as a front-line activist for Earth First! during the Old Growth wars of the early 1990s. Currently, he pursues his academic interests as an independent researcher, having published extensively in numerous fields. He is the founder of the Deep Symbiosis Institute (information available soon at, Exitpoint Stallions Limited, and is a founding member of the Deep Justice Network. He can be contacted via

Currently, Mr. LeConte-Spink is, in his own words: “a political prisoner within the U.S. prison system; as a result of my longtime academic interest in reciprocal models of human/non-human emotional bonding, social connectivity, and inter-species cooperation – as well as my longstanding work in the areas of free-speech, anti-censorship, and customer-friendly privacy/encryption technologies – I have been targeted by ideologues within the federal criminal justice system. I was sentenced in 2010 to 3 years’ imprisonment… despite being neither charged with – nor convicted of – any alleged crime, in order to ‘teach me a lesson about respecting authority.’  Appeals are fully in-process.” Further information on Mr. LeConte-Spink’s campaign against bigotry is available at

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