Seize And Decyst; Sue Basko Does Law on Twitter; Jan 2014

“…you associate online with bad people who do such things, who post obscenity and who stalk.” Sue Basko 

Susan, associate of JoJo Camp and Tom Retzlaff,  could be describing herself.

@JosephACamp @WvuSoldier WVU, What is your name, rank, and serial number? This is legal question.

@JosephACamp @WvuSoldier WVU Are you impersonating a member of the military? If not, name rank and serial, now.

@JosephACamp @WvuSoldier 1) WVU I am reporting to Twitter and other authorities that you are either impersonating military or that you are

@JosephACamp @WvuSoldier 2) military and are using Twitter to post a person’s personal info, harass a person, and intimidate.

@JosephACamp @WvuSoldier 3) WVU, I am very certain that is not the role of a military member. Name rank and serial #, please.

@WvuSoldier @JosephACamp You would know this answer if you were a real soldier. I am reporting you to military police, etc.

@WvuSoldier @JosephACamp Name, rank, and serial. Reporting now.

Done. Reported to Military CID. I want to know if this person is misusing his military status.

@WvuSoldier If you are military you have been misusing that status for months and shaming the military in doing so.

@WvuSoldier You are disrespecting my nation, my military. If you are impersonating, bad enough. If you are real, shocking. Good day.

@WvuSoldier I pray you are not a real soldier, you are such a disgrace hanging online with criminals and harassing other.

expert in music law and protest law. Other than with your sociopathic defamer pals.

@WvuSoldier you are mocking me, an older, respected citizen and officer of the court, because I question your behavior? Get real.

@WvuSoldier My “reputation” is as an international

@WvuSoldier 1) Sir, this is a legal notice. You must stop all contact with Jos Camp and any and all persons connected to him, including his

@WvuSoldier 2) PO, his family, friends, and neighbors. You must delete and refrain from posting his name and any info about him.

@WvuSoldier 3) You must not call him, email, tweet or mssg him. You must not post imgurs, pastebings, etc. You must not DDOS his IP,

@WvuSoldier 4) You must not threaten him. You must have NO contact. The same goes for all your friends, including ShadowDXS and Tawnie.

@WvuSoldier 5) If you continue to be involved in any way, be aware each act will be reported to police and FBI. Again, do not in any way

@WvuSoldier 6) contact Mr Camp or anyone in his life in anyway. if you wish to complain about your own threat call to Mr Camp, please call

@WvuSoldier 7) your local police and tell them you have been stalking a man online. Thank you. End of Notice.

@WvuSoldier Legal Notice Part 2: All of the stay away warnings also apply to me. Do not contact me, either.

@WvuSoldier Note: The PO, police and FBI and military police have all already been warned of your behavior. NR has been warned by police.

@WvuSoldier Mockery of an officer of the court is your idea of being an “adult”?

@WvuSoldier As explained, you have been told to have no contact with anyone in his life. NR has been warned by police.

@WvuSoldier PO and others are well aware you and your pals have been stalking this man for some time now. You need to stop now.

@WvuSoldier Menacing him, threat phone calls, contacting peole in his life, threats to rape his sister, etc. It’s all noted.

@WvuSoldier You contacted him, you posted about him, you posted about contacting people, and you posted u plan to contact his PO>

@WvuSoldier If you have a complaint, contact your local police, stop harassing him and those in his life.

@WvuSoldier As for rape threats, i believe those came from within your circle of online associates, yes, though not specifically from you.

@WvuSoldier It has been clarified. People within your circle have tweeted rape threats at his sister. Not you per se that I know of.

@WvuSoldier But you associate online with bad people who do such things, who post obscenity and who stalk.