Marcie And JoJo Break Up

It took less than 24 hours after their court hearings for Marcie and JoJo to start new nonsense.
JoJo, of course, started making threats but Marcie, ah Marcie, she gave one of the finest performances in her long lifetime playing An Innocent Victim for the internet.

It’s certainly no accident that this email was leaked. Some of my favorite lines are:

“You’ve never even so much as expressed gratitude for the thousands of $$ I gave you”

“I begged you and bribed you with thousands of $$”

“It is a terrible travesty that the person who worked so hard to make peace is now blamed for your actions.”

“I should be lauded for my efforts but instead I am now vilified”

A remarkable performance and the writing, well, I haven’t seen writing like this since As The World Turns went off the air.