Feral Andie Pauly

Here are some of Andie Pauly’s Tweets that include her favorite word “feral”.
Feral is her code for the N-word but she’d never use that word… publicly anyway.

@bradgifford1  The feral progressives stalking me are certainly not the brightest individuals.

andieiam ed aranza
Becky is slang for a white woman who performs sex acts on black men.  Is this feral a racist?  
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aranza  @rowankiss

andieiam ed aranza
Look.  Another racist feral progressive shows her tolerance.  Irony.
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aranza  @rowankiss
yup here i come for your ignorant white ass https://twitter.com/andieiamwhoiam/status/665355089888964608

@liz_belcher @Conssista @Chris_in_RI @48THPOTUS @andreajmarkley What is this progressive feral doing on my TL?

andieiam ed TheREAL Cyber_Merkin
One way to get those wretched, feral protestors off of OUR streets!  LOL!  
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TheREAL Cyber_Merkin @cyber_merkin
@andieiamwhoiam @CBSNews

andieiam ed CBS News
Get these feral nitwits off of our streets.  Try a large snow plow.
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CBS News @CBSNews
#MillionStudentMarch demonstrations happening at schools from Massachusetts to Hawaii http://cbsn.ws/1NtEwkF

Don’t forget to keep Officer Darren Wilson in your prayers, the officer who was forced to kill feral thug, Mike Brown.

Don’t mess with homeschooled kids.  Feral thugs shot during home invasion by armed homeschool student.  #gunsense http://clashdaily.com/2015/11/thugs-try-to-rob-home-but-they-didnt-figure-on-a-bad-ass-kid-being-home-alone/ …

@islandascetic  I’m not angry.  I just tell the truth and feral progressives like her shriek and attack.  Keep her off my timeline.

@SuperAaronBurr @HelloPoodle I have this feral blocked.  Why are they commenting on my posts?

Dear Progressives,
There is no such thing as hate speech in this country, you wretched, feral nitwits. Nor will there ever be. Sit down.

Feral Progressive Feminist Professor at Mizzou blocks student media with force , doesn’t grasp 1st amendment. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/10/us/university-missouri-protesters-block-journalists-press-freedom.html …

@DogTrainingU @ZoraSuleman Please explain how this is NOT feral behavior?  They should be hung on sight.


@DavesBigWife  Unfortunately, she is one of many feral progressives who behave this way.

andieiam ed BigWife
This is typical feral progressive behavior.  Disagree with them and they will stalk you to the ends of the earth.
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BigWife @DavesBigWife
@andieiamwhoiam admits to stalking you for years. She went to great lengths to stalk you, looking for other online connections to you.

@The13th_Ghost I have that feral blocked.  You should too.

@JPrice02 @YouTube Defamatory post created by a feral progressive.

@yagbebi @FoxNews @GranspearZX @Brytani_Fla Wait.  Why is that feral following me though I have him blocked?  Psychopath.

@RonSchweinlach  All progressives are ferals.  Also, feral is a word.  It has meaning. You ferals disgust me.

@esaron  It’s their game.  These feral progressive thugs attempt to get people fired because they don’t take their nitwittery.

@carsolom The feral couldn’t even stay to chat.

andieiam ed Shannon Coulter
Another feral harassing my family.  I think it’s time for civilized LEO supporters to make the call. What say you?  
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Shannon Coulter @shannoncoulter
@oneforeachofyou “Due to heavy call volume, we estimate a hold time of 20 minutes. Press 3 to continue holding.” (*presses 3*) @JolietPolice

@InsanityBreeds  I hate all progressives.  Their color is inconsequential.  They are wretched, feral people.

andieiam ed FOX & Friends
I doubt they would let this wretched feral in the door.
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FOX & Friends @foxandfriends
Reverend Al Sharpton is no longer planning to attend the funeral of slain NYPD officer Randolph Holder

@RandallKraft Civilized Americans will no longer dance around the feelings of these feral wretches.

Thank you to the thousands of people who followed me recently to show  support of our LEO family defamed and harassed by feral progressives.

andieiam ed western warrior
This feral woman is disgusting in infinite ways…
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western warrior @48THPOTUS
Can i go As Mengele he was an abortionist? @lenadunham @andieiamwhoiam @Conssista @midwestalleykat  https://twitter.com/lisadep/status/658952956323082240 …

@zahar_alao No.  Kittens socialized soon enough don’t become feral.  A feral cat cannot be socialized.

Like feral cats, progressives look just like regular cats, but are uncivilized and can’t be trusted. You cannot domesticate a feral.

@rogerthatone  @Fr360dDan @Michael31300435 I have witnessed the feral behaviors of  wretched teen girls in this forum. Dismal futures ahead.

andieiam ed april
People condoning the feral behavior of this teen are the problem.
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april @aprilpole
@2016_cruz_ @andieiamwhoiam if she would have listened to her teacher and her principle in the 1st place, the cop would have never been call

andieiam ed Blackout
Please report this feral. Click on link. @OxygenProxyy Thanks!
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Blackout @MarseIlus666
@OxygenProxyy Don’t know about you but this sure sounds like targeted harassment to me @delbius @support #andiepauly

@Janesmith2516 @Lambjrstephen @SecularReaction @colinflaherty  How did this feral get on my timeline?

@GINASAM87 She and her feral friends have been harassing my husband at work.

andieiam ed
Hey guys!  This feral shared a poll.  Please answer the poll, share&report her for targeted harassment.Thanks!  #RT

https://twitter.com/BeautyBind/status/657961539723509760 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

@rpp618 @SCCA_GOV  Feral cats aren’t implicitly bad.  Their social skills are sorely lacking, is all.  Feral means unsocialized.

andieiam ed
This progressive feral thuggery needs to stop.  Please report.  https://twitter.com/AtomicElbow1/status/657597744606007296 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

@RichardRSmithJr Thanks!  It just proves what I have been saying about them all along.  You can’t domesticate a feral. You just can’t.

andieiam ed ☆ Cinnamaldehyde ☆
That’s right, feral.  Civilized people respect police.  
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☆ Cinnamaldehyde ☆ @cinnamaldehyde
What a coward, @andieiamwhoiam with a locked account and a “blue lives matter” background.

andieiam ed Sam
Feral people.  I had no idea how wretched they were until recently.  
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Sam @AZPatriot01


andieiam ed
How does this feral know my husband?  Is this a death threat?   https://twitter.com/BitchBitchMeow/status/655879546043039745 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

andieiam ed
Check this feral’s response to posting black crime stats.  #Irony https://twitter.com/CHEWTHISASSh_/status/655870292418367492 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

@arnieshunneson @HellBlazeRaiser  Look…a feral beta from the Church of Moral Relativity just showed up on my TL!

andieiam ed
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This Tweet is unavailable.

@cnmcbride @Mr_Clean420  Funny, feral, I don’t FEEL like I am in a predicament. Control your impulses, feral.

@ghostseven77 There is a REASON people choose to live in gated communities.  Feral progressives and liberals are human pollution.

Today was a record day for blocking vile, feral progressives!

andieiam ed
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This Tweet is unavailable.

@cyber_merkin @aprilpole  Make a meme with the word “feral” in it. Like keeping progressive ferals in line.  🙂  Please?

@LuthorCorp1 @skiptrace_ @0Hour1  ALL SJWs are feral.  No doubt.

Apparently, progressives hate to be called feral.  I understand that such an apt description of their characteristics is uncomfortable.

@jxrxtbuchxnxn Your race card expired last November,feral.  See map for details.
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andieiam ed
Never put your hands on a police officer.  It won’t end well.  Liberals teaching their feral offspring this is okay. https://twitter.com/ShaunKing/status/652706561748439040 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

I have yet to meet ONE progressive who isn’t feral.  Why is that? Why are conservatives just better people?

Hey guys…please report his feral for stealing family photos and harassment. http://chipotlethot.tumblr.com/post/131193085409/this-lady-who-is-a-wife-of-a-cop-is-pretty-much-a …

Anyone here on Tumblr?  A feral stole my family photos and posted them.  http://chipotlethot.tumblr.com/post/131193085409/this-lady-who-is-a-wife-of-a-cop-is-pretty-much-a …

andieiam ed Moneer Elmasseek
This filthy feral thinks he knows my husband, friends. I know for a fact my noble husband would never befriend this.
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Moneer Elmasseek @Pharaohofhearts
Lol when your husbands gonna lose his job and you got nothing else going for you. https://twitter.com/andieiamwhoiam/status/654472972435083264

@Crazyparklady1 The victims in Benghazi were REAL. Trayvon and Mike were violent feral thugs who died in the commission of violent felonies.

andieiam ed
Angry liberal feral attorney just threatened me.  https://twitter.com/GHKleinman/status/654425041946308608 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

@Tolltac That woman is a feral progressive.

@GHKleinman @mickiemo @tawnybananas Guess what, feral?  I do not tolerate harassment of MINE.  Dismissed. The feral isn’t being harassed.

@manofmanychins  Push back HARD.  Do not allow these feral progressive McCarthyists to run things.

andieiam ed 21 Year Old Asshat
This white progressive feral is using white racial slurs?
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21 Year Old Asshat @JdMinks
You really fucked yourself on this. Neanderthal ass mayo. https://twitter.com/andieiamwhoiam/status/654419951344705536

Okay!  I have the information I need for the report. Unlike feral progressives, I didn’t share it with the internet. Thanks for your help!

Another progressive feral stalking my family.  Please share. She thought she was anonymous. Let’s make her famous.
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@Cleigh_Adams Oh.  You’re a feral thug.

@ebbrodie @ehansen004  Feral progressive stalking my family.  Thought she was anonymous.https://twitter.com/tawnybananas

I have never lost a debate with a feral Progressive Social Justice Warrior and I never will.  #FactsMatter

@johnqpublican They are intolerant, feral ignoramuses.  They try to destroy that which offends them.

Geesh!  These feral progressives are all EXACTLY the same.  It’s almost as if they “think” with a hive mind.

andieiam ed
Here comes the attacks on my looks.  Such a caricatural progressive feral.   https://twitter.com/RespectTheAfro_/status/654028775789830144 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

@RespectTheAfro_ There is only one race, feral.

andieiam ed
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@vjeannek  Feral progressives do it all the time.

@bayliscott_ Feral thug was killed in the commission of two violent felonies.  A righteous shoot.

andieiam ed
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This Tweet is unavailable.

andieiam ed Luis Rosales
This feral thinks the police officer deserved to be executed.  
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Luis Rosales @eseoficial
@romakanta @FoxNews He was off duty according to the article. That doesn’t excuse terrible laws of which he felt a need to intervene for it.

@KarmaComing4GZ @KarlaMNL @SprayCanAnn @TherealGeorgeZ  WE don’t support feral thugs like Trayvon. But we do support their victims.

Another of Barack’s feral sons…Philip Chisolm,14, raped his teacher, then slit her throat because she made him mad http://www.salemnews.com/news/local_news/philip-chism-told-police-trigger-word-made-him-angry-at/article_26693d1b-0987-581e-bae5-2cf6fc4447ea.html …

@Scairp114 @PoliceOne Look…another feral human.

andieiam ed Goku Super Baeyan
He’s a feral human.  What do you expect?  Intellect? Sense?  Manners?
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Goku Super Baeyan @jcos24
Starting my paid leave after work tonight. To say I am contrite would do no justice… Just like the police https://twitter.com/mokabes/status/651876468050407424

@ehansen004 @ScrewRusty @KuKluxKlanUSA  Look at its feral followers.  Time to block.

andieiam ed
Effeminate feral in ANOTHER country thinks I fear him.  LOLOLOL!  https://twitter.com/torque_at/status/650346479375253504 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

@HeyCanYewNot @OkieVision  He removed it.  I am certain it is the same feral who had the blog.  CERTAIN.

@RockinDocMD @HeyCanYewNot @TakeBackUS1776 That is officially MY creation.  I work with feral cats.  Progressives are just like them.  LOL!

@RockinDocMD @HeyCanYewNot @TakeBackUS1776  More feral stalkers fixated on me and my family.

Please report this feral human for harassing my family.  https://twitter.com/torque_at

andieiam ed vicky
I called her feral.  LOL!  She just doesn’t get it.  
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vicky @xisbethprettyx
@envlscientist @ry_louis_bo @andieiamwhoiam you defined a word that she was using against me, that proved she made no sense.

andieiam ed vicky
Look.  Another feral human concerned about my children because she disagrees with data I posted.
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vicky @xisbethprettyx
@andieiamwhoiam all your time on the Internet, you should learn how to read stats or better yet spend time with your kids.

andieiam ed
Just a feral human, stalking my husband because I proved her wrong on Twitter.   https://twitter.com/AMayesing71/status/649762338526990336 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

Thanks, fellow patriots!  The personal information this feral posted was deleted by Twitter, with your help.  https://twitter.com/torque_at

andieiam ed
This feral is stalking me.  Why are they all precisely the same?   https://twitter.com/AMayesing71/status/649764511944065024 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

andieiam ed Lizzie Lou-Who
Feral joking about paying to have me raped.  Report, will you?  
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Lizzie Lou-Who @standinNsmilin
@Stew_McCall @LovelynCoacoa @MrNegroMilitant @micahsgrrl @AnonClasWar @andieiamwhoiam We can start a gofundme and offer him money to do it

andieiam ed Ty
Barack called this feral human to congratulate him.  
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Ty @TyDonevski
@1RobertWilder Feds: Vick Personally Killed 7 Dogs By Hanging, Drowning
https://shar.es/179jiZ   @sharethis TRENDING

andieiam ed
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This Tweet is unavailable.

andieiam ed
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This Tweet is unavailable.

andieiam ed
Please report this feral human.  Thanks!   https://twitter.com/torque_at/status/649746162828857344 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

andieiam ed
They want to get in line with this feral?  I will add them to the police report.   https://twitter.com/HSahinen/status/649746564114698240 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

andieiam ed
I have his feral girlfriend blocked, some old crone, she’s sending people here to harass Why are liberals so vulgar? https://twitter.com/jdf0325/status/649737656239280128 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

andieiam ed ActualBlackMermaid
This is just how these people are.  Imagine accidentally stepping on this feral’s foot at the store?
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ActualBlackMermaid @Imani_Yvonne

andieiam ed Kymberli
I have a feeling this feral is obsessed with me.  
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Kymberli @Kympocalypse
@andieiamwhoiam Aren’t you mixed too though? Or is that just rumor? I don’t you, just see the crazy hate you post.

andieiam ed Kymberli
Where did this feral come from?UNDER something for sure, grasping to her EBT card in one hand&race card in the other
andieiam added,
Kymberli @Kympocalypse
I’m not mad. She brags about how her police husband hates blacks, purposely harasses/ arrests. Domestic terrorism. https://twitter.com/andieiamwhoiam/status/649675793849819136

andieiam ed
I just gave this feral FBI data regarding black crime.   https://twitter.com/StrangerOnFire/status/649670973059301376 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

@StrangerOnFire @noblegiftofmars @ChristianLabor1 @MyyTwoCentss  My child is not a feral thug who attacks people over mere questions.

@noblegiftofmars @ChristianLabor1 @MyyTwoCentss The feral was caught. That’s why he attacked.  Police found burglary tools in bushes.

andieiam ed Moving in Stereo
Feral blacks don’t understand how civilized people behave.  
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Moving in Stereo @noblegiftofmars
YEP. I hope he beat the shit out of him @StrangerOnFire @ChristianLabor1 @andieiamwhoiam @MyyTwoCentss

@noblegiftofmars @ChristianLabor1 @MyyTwoCentss The feral thug attacked him from behind.  You don’t GET an opinion.  NOT GUILTY, tribalist.

andieiam ed Saturdays & Sundays
I grew up in ghetto.  Never committed a crime.  Stop making excuses for feral behaviors.  
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Saturdays & Sundays @NARNfan
I’d like to see how you would turn out under the same circumstances.  https://twitter.com/andieiamwhoiam/status/649634783425888257 …

@MyyTwoCentss That thug was a righteous kill. Stop raising feral children.

andieiam ed
Feral behavior.  These are FACTS.  Address them.  72% illegitimacy is the reason for black poverty.  https://twitter.com/soulfullypoetic/status/649610926350561280 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

andieiam ed
I wish I was in this feral’s class.  72% illegitimacy, OVER 50% of all homicides, highest per capita crime… https://twitter.com/soulfullypoetic/status/649608167513530368 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

Barack, the feral thug, is the reason so many police are being targeted. The thug invited terrorists of #BLM to our White House. Wake UP!

andieiam ed
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This Tweet is unavailable.

@jennjen70 He shot a feral thug.  Your puling will not bring Trayvon back.

andieiam ed
How is this affirmative action physician allowed to keep her job?Would you feel safe with this feral caring for you? https://twitter.com/marstu67/status/647905909008523265 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

andieiam ed
God.  It’s about time he gets mad at leftists for their treatment.  Trayvon was a worthless, dangerous,feral thug. https://twitter.com/marstu67/status/648156910227578880 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

andieiam ed News & Record
Three feral black teens kill elderly white man. MEDIA IGNORES. Elderly victims killed by black thugs matter. #BLM
andieiam added,
News & Record @NewsandRecord
#GSO man Larry Brown killed for $3 and cell phone, according to arrest warrant. 3 teens charged in homicide.

andieiam ed #SocialMedia NC
ANOTHER white man murdered by multiple feral blacks.  MEDIA IGNORES.
andieiam added,
#SocialMedia NC @greensboro_nc
#Fayetteville  2 teens arrested,1 sought in Fayetteville robbery turned… http://dlvr.it/BRDKBb  #fay @_fayetteville

andieiam ed
Look at the feral human pretending to be a victim.   https://twitter.com/HSahinen/status/648307472252424193 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

@mrmik1234 @HSahinen @Nativemanley @Mygirlsfather @mlisag123 If you are going to converse with this feral hag, untag me, please.

andieiam ed Me!
Feral beta male resorts to attacking children because he is not intelligent enough to debate.  
andieiam added,
Me! @Nativemanley
@andieiamwhoiam @jsavite @HSahinen Um, I’m not black, guess those homeschooled kids of yours are in big trouble. No one is surprised….

andieiam ed Derrick Brasher
Just gave the feral black illegitimacy and crime data.  
andieiam added,
Derrick Brasher @derrickbrasher
@jsavite @andieiamwhoiam more white trash! Just what we need in ‘murrica

andieiam ed
Another leftist feral who becomes irate when confronted with black homicide data.  https://twitter.com/maellevie/status/648069108387418112 …
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This Tweet is unavailable.

andieiam ed Cup Cake
It’s a scientific fact that race baiters are the offspring of feral halibut.
andieiam added,
Cup Cake @GiveMeSprinkles
It’s okay. It’s a scientific fact racism and intelligence are mutually exclusive.  https://twitter.com/andieiamwhoiam/status/647429041205719040 …

andieiam ed Complex
Catering to feral #BLM. NO CONVICTIONS. Wasting our tax money.
andieiam added,
Complex @ComplexMag
More cops have been charged for fatal shootings in 2015 than in any of the past 10 years: http://trib.al/RGudpDn

andieiam ed Jerkygirl67
Another feral human is worried about my children.
andieiam added,
Jerkygirl67 @Jerkygirl67
@Space_maiden @andieiamwhoiam I know! Most homeschoolers segregate their kids from the real world because they fear them finding the truth.

@TerryBPark1 @FrankCraig @MamaRedfield @LiberalDarling @iscuimhinliom  I do animal rescue.  The term feral is apropos for these people.

andieiam ed YouCan’tBeSerious!
Looks like I have another feral liberal stalker.  
andieiam added,
YouCan’tBeSerious! @FrankCraig
@andieiamwhoiam @MamaRedfield @LiberalDarling @iscuimhinliom @ittakesus @vivigold197 tell that to the state of IL.

andieiam ed Contessa JenRed
These feral women are easily riled.
andieiam added,
Contessa JenRed @JustJen64
@vivigold197 @andieiamwhoiam I’m chuckling at the way she has to identify who she is,
“I am what I am”

@vivigold197 @MamaRedfield  We don’t hate you, feral human.  We know what you are and avoid you.  Liberals are vile people.

andieiam ed Atomic Elbow
Angry liberal harridans travel in packs, like feral dogs in heat.
andieiam added,
Atomic Elbow @AtomicElbow1
@FemClarkKent @vivigold197 @andieiamwhoiam lack of education defines conservatives like her. Rather embarrassing

andieiam ed
Shrieking liberal harridan asks for help for feral thug who killed police officer in cold blood. Show her some love. https://twitter.com/doreenmcgrath/status/645374967383638016 …
andieiam added,
This Tweet is unavailable.

andieiam ed
Black Lives Matter Feral Thug Honors Police Killer Troy Davis. Still think these thugs are peaceful? https://twitter.com/stanlwilliams/status/646148302271049728 …
andieiam added,
This Tweet is unavailable.

@HeyCanYewNot Just a feral threatening to kill my children because I explained why Tamir was shot.

@Kwayylo  Way to show the world how you people are, feral.

@WS_AnnD The kind that brag about their abortions on social media?  I doubt that, feral.  You people are broken beyond repair. Beyond repair

@ClearlyEnticing @abdrizzy_ Thank you, police, for keeping GOOD AMERICANS safe from these feral THUGS!

@ThirtySecFights  Feral people.  Geesh!  If the nitwit cooperated he would have been on his way.

@Yellow_M33Na @TerryBPark1 @_DanazVFx  WHO IS THIS FERAL WOMAN?

@ObfuscateClear @callum_gilmour @TeganKenyon  These kids are obviously feral.  I don’t tolerate their behaviors.

@geeyaveliii @syreenmn @JustTaylorEvans @bbhill232 I just gave you government data, feral, and you give me a blog?

andieiam ed Mary R
These feral humans are on OUR streets.
andieiam added,
Mary R @mwrecks

andieiam ed
andieiam added,
This Tweet is unavailable.

andieiam ed
Minnesota!  Are you going to allow these feral humans to block your streets!  Stand in the gap! Do it for police! https://twitter.com/PoliticalGrrls/status/645617949970141184 …
andieiam added,
This Tweet is unavailable.

andieiam ed MPR News
Make the Feral thugs move.  Why are they allowing this?
andieiam added,
MPR News @MPRnews
Metro Transit routes light rail passengers around Black Lives Matter protest in St Paul with buses. Updates: http://ow.ly/SrpeF

andieiam ed
andieiam added,
This Tweet is unavailable.

@moparguy1000  It’s all about how blacks and feral progressives FEEL.

@StocktonRTD This is why you people will never be accepted into civilized society. It isn’t your skin color.  It’s your feral behavior.

@2e0d6fc7e8a74ae @LorenJ1975 Sorry, thug. The tape clearly shows the feral grappling with the officer and the taser wire in officer’s shirt.

andieiam ed Spooney Jackson
Pray for Officer Slager who shot feral thug Walter Scott after Scott shot Slager with his own taser.
andieiam added,
Spooney Jackson @2e0d6fc7e8a74ae
@andieiamwhoiam @LorenJ1975 @2e0d6fc7e8a74ae Wrong decision, Dear.

Hence the mugshot 👇

@De_Saadiq  This is why matriarchies fail.  These wretched single mothers raise feral children with no impulse control.

andieiam ed A.
These black women help us see why black matriarchies have failed.  No impulse control, raising feral children.
andieiam added,
A. @ana_sauvignon
See the Live TV Moment Dr. Drew Runs Out of Patience for Black Lives Matter Heckler Angry Over Guest’s Opinion http://flip.it/W6Skd

andieiam ed TIME.com
Ahahahahahahahahaha!  As if these feral thugs have any pull at all.
andieiam added,
Black Lives Matter will not endorse a presidential candidate, says co-founder http://ti.me/1iEqtkG

@scottd38 We need to stand with police and show these feral liberals their place.

@RageGrl Civilized people do not behave that way.  Had he complied he would have been fine. More police arrived BECAUSE of feral crowd.

I’m sure the death threats from feral #BLM thugs played a big role in her resignation.  Godspeed. http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2015/09/dispatcher_in_tamir_rice_case.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter …

It’s Constitution Day.  Are strong conservatives still standing idly as feral elements like #BLM tear our country to pieces?

@destinydest  Your race card is denied.  Unlike you feral people, I will wait for all the facts.

andieiam ed
andieiam added,
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andieiam ed EMERITUS
This is what feral blacks think of the murders of our nation’s police.  Be vigilant.  
andieiam added,
EMERITUS @BlackHaven3
@Plate0fShrimp @trueblacknews @andieiamwhoiam @HotNostrilsrFun …and a lot of white cops are paying for it.

@BlackHaven3 @trueblacknews @HotNostrilsrFun  WE have his back, feral.  Control your impulses.  That is 99% of your problem.

@girasolitas @HotNostrilsrFun  Feral blacks killed by police still fewer than whites.  Stop attacking police, disobeying lawful orders.

andieiam ed ObfuscateClearly
Too many to count.  It is an epidemic of feral behavior.
andieiam added,
ObfuscateClearly @ObfuscateClear
@andieiamwhoiam Shorty Belton, Spokane, Wa. WWII Vet, Delbert Belton, 92 Killed by BLM in its infancy. Shall we wait for maturity?

andieiam ed
This feral just made my point for me.  I love it when they do that!   https://twitter.com/_avokxiu_/status/643487657734074371 …
andieiam added,
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@miraclesofmalik  Neither is police shooting violent, feral thugs who attack them.

Another of Barack’s feral offspring kills law officer in response to Barack’s incendiary rhetoric. #BlackLivesMatter http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/manhunt-launched-after-kentucky-state-trooper-gunned-down-n426786 …

andieiam ed James Johnson Jr
It WAS preventable.  If the feral thug had not driven off while the officer’s hand was in the car…
andieiam added,
James Johnson Jr @DROPPNBOMBZ
MURDER of #SamuelDuBose was ‘not justified,’ violated department policy, says independent review http://www.journal-news.com/news/news/crime-law/uc-to-release-report-on-dubose-shooting-today/nncqt/?ecmp=journalnews_social_twitter_2014_sfp

When feral thugs and baby mamas rule…Michael Slager, Jailed Ex-Cop Discouraged and Depressed’ – ABC News – http://abcn.ws/1QsWVl1

Feral thug who lured and killed a man based on Craigslist post  found Not Guilty. http://ktla.com/2015/09/11/verdict-reached-in-south-l-a-killing-of-father-shot-responding-to-craigslist-post/ …

@Plumazul @MSNBC  I don’t think much for feral people like yourself.

@lotyslove @esaron @dicentra33 @trscoop  Feral humans have internet accounts too, @esaron .

@imxxn @iCumQuik @lucidhurricane2 No.  I think you feral people cause your own problems then look around for someone to blame.

@notimeforthis24 @suevee85 Why are these illiterate, feral, beta boys so concerned with my family?

@SweetLEgance @spacecadetniko  They will walk. Not all those who live in Baltimore are feral, like yourself.

@suevee85  It is precisely how your vile ilk behaved when a feral thug named Mike Brown died after attempting to kill a police officer.

@No_Cut_Card Trayvon was a violent, feral thug who was killed in self defense.

andieiam ed
This feral believes the Mike Browns of the world have a RIGHT to attack a police officer GTFO https://twitter.com/Gina__McGill/status/640977474269147137 …
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@Gina__McGill @mightymitchell1 @ChrisWinder7 The topic is that 72% of blacks are illegitimate, root of poverty, root of crime, feral humans.

@Gina__McGill @mightymitchell1 @ChrisWinder7 Don’t raise feral thugs, baby mama.  Better yet, marry their father.

@esaron It is a “Lord of the Flies” mentality.  The feral nature of those who were undisciplined.

@1_guestno Feral is a word.  It has meaning.  All these marginalized children are indeed feral.

andieiam ed IG:@DONNYKASH
Feral American speaks…
andieiam added,
@14Asator88 @utkchangemakers @mountain__law1 Fuck Change i stay the same at all times Fuck the police he got what he deserved

A president for feral thugs only.
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Please report this feral for posting my address and death threats against my family.  https://twitter.com/WhiteLiesMatter/with_replies …

@twinsational @breaknbdnagdwy No, it’s feral, violent lawbreakers against American citizens who hire police to protect them.

@LifeforceVibes  You pay THEIR taxes?How very kind of you, feral. They pay taxes too. I’m sure your police friends know what a feral you are

@MastaOfMp3s @LifeforceVibes You have feral thugs who died criminals. You lionize and march for those pigs. Dead police are YOUR fault, thug

andieiam ed Dana Liebelson
Show your support for this department.  Feral Progressives are attacking.  
andieiam added,
Dana Liebelson @dliebelson
Bexar County Sheriff’s Office response to news outlet posting video of man being shot with arms up:

andieiam ed
Another feral thug who supports police shooters.  Patriots, tell her what you think. https://twitter.com/Progress4Ohio/status/638787554708451328 …
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@ChristianCalls1 @Tolltac Feral thugs who resisted arrest or aiming guns at people?

andieiam ed Christian
Look at this thug.  He’s likely a feral.  
andieiam added,
Christian @ChristianCalls1
Wonder if the Fox Lake suspects will be able to investigate themselves the same way police do…

@mullins6154 @steph93065  That is savage.  Just savage.  Feral.

@RavMABAY @AnasuyaIam @iMadeSmartCool @MPD_PIO Marching to lionize violent, feral thugs.

andieiam ed #RestoreTheVRA
Feral #BlackLivesMatter  thugs behaving like, well, feral thugs…
andieiam added,
#RestoreTheVRA @divlioRom
Did you? @andieiamwhoiam??? #WeNeedAnswers  https://twitter.com/gwsllp2015/status/637468034341433344 …

andieiam ed Vicki Vale
Oooh!  The feral is threatening  me on the KEYBOARD.  Read the thread.  It’s worth it.  LOL!  She mad.  
andieiam added,
Vicki Vale @Turn_Your_Paige
@andieiamwhoiam And babe, you can call me tramp to my face. I live in Chicago too. That way there’s no keyboard to hide insults behind. ☺️

#BlackLivesMatter is a terrorist organization, responsible for the deaths of police. Feral beasts with no respect for the law. #TakeThemDown

@BaconTribe @thekingjobe @colocha_rachel Speaking of feral thugs…

Maybe the problem isn’t police?  Maybe some people raise feral offspring?  #BreedSmarter

@GabrielaDow What do you know about police work, you wretched thug?  Civilized people will no longer allow your feral ilk to dictate terms.

@GovernmentIsBae @crookedkingEd @seagil570  Feral is a word, Brony.  It has meaning.  A violent, feral thug who was killed in self defense.

@seagil570 @crookedkingEd @lorayray @GovernmentIsBae You people lionize a violent feral attacker& WE remind you of Tsarnev supporters?

@crookedkingEd @seagil570 @GovernmentIsBae Whereupon he turned back to his vehicle, kiddo.  That is when the feral came up behind &attacked.

@crookedkingEd @seagil570 @GovernmentIsBae Science of forensics, witnesses all evidence proves he turned back when the feral attacked him.

@anna_banana_13_ He was defending his life from a feral thug.  I guess you should stop raising violent, feral thugs who attack people?  Hmm?

andieiam ed HELLO
I see feral people.
andieiam added,
Absolute Chaos at Least 50 Girls in All out Brawl at Memphis High School
@AnthonyCumia WOW http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=0ce_1440715032#omfAIPKIf3Qb2e1Z.99

@Imstillwinning @venimus_vidimus You mean a violent, feral thug who attacked him from behind?  We all remember. He shot the thug.  Remember?

@EdExamines VIOLENT.  FERAL.  THUG.  Good riddance.

andieiam ed Edwyna Washington
Violent.  FERAL.  Thug.  
andieiam added,
Edwyna Washington @EdExamines
#Georgezimmerman was your “violent, feral thug in the commission of egregious felony assault.” Trying using brain. https://twitter.com/andieiamwhoiam/status/637305891256180736

@CalebFeeler @EdExamines  Your race card expired in November, Petunia.  He was killed because he was a violent, feral thug.

@CalebFeeler @EdExamines  A violent, feral thug in the commission of egregious felony assault.  The thug would have been tried as an adult.

@StevenPoynter @FeministicRom A violent, feral thug who attacked a man for asking a question.  Good riddance.

@HautePinkSTL He killed a violent, feral thug.  No big loss.

@PoliticalGroove You mean Trayvon, the violent, feral thug who attacked a man and was rightfully shot in self defense?

@BoTruBlu I don’t support violent, feral thugs like Trayvon or Mike Brown.  Only ill educated bigots support those thugs over a good man.

@SimonDimes @AdamWeinstein A feral thug who bashed a man’s head into the concrete and attempted to disarm him. You’re welcome.

@WMKING2425 He killed a violent, feral thug in self defense.  Trayvon should not have a Twitter account.  Oh, that’s right.  He doesn’t.

@SnowdenEd @Suzikins @jsavite @andrea_lynne88 @Vote2016US You choose to hang with feral thugs, my effeminate friend.  Your choice.

@ericalynnschulz  I am aware of his identity.  His actions make him a violent, feral thug. Thuggery has no color.

andieiam ed Its Me Dude
Barack’s America.  We lose another good man to violent, feral thugs.  #KerrickTrial #BlackLivesMatter
andieiam added,
Its Me Dude @PolarWhut
There are no words.  https://twitter.com/WEdwarda/status/635617851643006981 …

Progressive liberals certainly are feral, statist thugs.  Wow.  They’re insane!

@pickeringbeth First Grand Jury refused to indict.Vile, feral leftists used this officer for political reasons.Hope he bankrupts  your town.

@shigrin @GottaLaff @WCCBCharlotte Trayvon was a violent, feral thug who attacked a man & was killed in self defense Only a racist disagrees.

@EricGuster @PoliticsNation @TheRevAl  This feral thug does NOTHING for anyone but himself.

@khanknee  A child is murdered and you LOL?  You disgusting feral thug.  You will NEVER be accepted by civilized society.  EVER.

@khanknee  Pray for the nine year old girl killed in Ferguson,not the feral thugs attacking police.  What the hell is wrong with you people?

@babengalsfan @HT_JayReeves He killed a violent, feral thug in self defense.  #RIGHTEOUS

@HT_JayReeves  He has done nothing wrong.  Being hounded by feral progressives can make anyone stressed.

@Nyeaaahh The feral thug attacked a man and was subsequently killed in self defense.

@LadyOnTheMuna You violent, feral progressives wish a man dead for defending his life.  What in the world is wrong with you people?

@metroadlib George Zimmerman protected his civil rights when defending his life from a violent, feral, thug.  You people need better heroes.

@andylassner He only shot one violent, feral thug who attacked him.  Then you progressive thugs attacked him ad infinitum.

@cjwerleman He killed a feral thug in self defense.  Why would he be in prison?

@neokefka_99 Or the progressive thugs who support a violent feral named Trayvon?

@EmmySL Your color is irrelevant.  George killed a violent, feral attacker.

andieiam ed Jezebel
He has to make a living somehow.  Feral, progressives have made his life hell since he killed a thug in self defense
andieiam added,
Jezebel @Jezebel
George Zimmerman teams up with anti-Muslim gun owner to sell his terrible Confederate flag paintings http://bit.ly/1EA4Shh

andieiam ed Jeffrey Levin
Get that feral thug back here so she can die in a prison setting, hopefully immediately.
andieiam added,
Jeffrey Levin @jilevin
MSNBC: Chris Christie Demands Return of Convicted Cop Killer http://nbcnews.to/1gIK4hU  #p2 #topprog

@ProWolvesRights No, sweetie, Ferals are feral.  How bigoted of you to say that all people of color are feral.

@VictorLicata1 The armed white men weren’t shot because they did not shoot at police as the feral thugs did.  Color is irrelevant, BTW

@cgnetwork Michael Brown atrocity? A violent, feral thug killed in self defense. Don’t attack police. I hope they learn. Police lives matter

@Katrinka53K @DarrylDclayton @nesleton @chicagotribune  Brown, the violent, feral thug who attacked police compared to peaceful gun owners?

@BRios82 The officer who was forced to kill a violent, feral thug in self defense?  Yes.  I respect that man.

@illbegotdamn @JesseBenn  Stop breaking our laws& attacking police then pretending to be offended when you are put down like feral animals.

@shewhoisgreat  I don’t lionize feral thugs, you mean.  Raise your children not to be Trayvons and Mike Browns.

@elisabethepps Lionizing violent, feral thugs who attack police puts you on the WRONG side of history.

@shohokutensai Mike Brown was a violent, feral thug who was killed in self defense.  No murder.

@UncleBooze1 Asinine.  He shot a violent, feral thug.  You people need better heroes.

@JDanHolla @HeyyyMrsVaden @nytimes Yes.  Feral.  As opposed to civilized.  Civilized people do not rob stores and attack police.

@HeyyyMrsVaden @nytimes Well, it’s no surprise that you support a violent, feral criminal.  This is how the Trayvons of the world are raised

@mysterygrip Many people of all colors respect police.  You know what’s racist?  Lionizing a feral thug like Mike Brown because he’s black.

@Mrs_Kap @PoliticalGroove Because we CAN.  The life a feral thug means NOTHING in comparison to the sacrifice of the officer.

@Noorealism You lionize violent feral thugs and people who respect the law offend you?

@TD_Cycle He did his job and fended off a feral thug.  I commend him.

@allanbrauer They obviously don’t have lives or they would be out living them and not lionizing a feral thug.

@iamvandal617 You support a violent, feral thug.  Just glad you’re not my neighbor.

@SuperPrivateEye I celebrate Officer Wilson…you celebrate violent, feral thugs.  See the difference?

@PoliticalGroove Civilized people support police who are forced to shoot violent, feral thugs who attack them.

@AkaDimiX While you celebrate a feral thug named Mike Brown.  The irony.

@shOoObz He shot a violent, feral thug in self defense.  He is a hero.

@iamvandal617 Civilized people disagree.  A feral thug was shot and you people behave like animals in protest.

@SheSeauxSaditty If you want to act like a feral thug you will be treated like one.

@marianaatencio Violent, feral thug shoots at police and is shot in return.  Police always placed on leave after shooting.

@mcquearyerin It will end when thugs like this feral don’t shoot police.

@Dale19692011 No, silly.  What is disgusting is lionizing a violent, feral thug who shoots at police, creeper.

@Dale19692011 A violent, feral thug was shot by police with sirens blaring after he opened fire on them when he was engaged in a gun battle.

@AwkwardGamerGuy @Dale19692011 A violent, feral thug who opened fire on police was shot in return.

@OccupyWallStNYC Correction: Violent, feral thug who shot indiscriminately at bystanders and then shot at police is injured by return fire.

@LukeSomething92 The police shot a violent, feral thug.  I commend them.  Nice shot, actually.

@mojorinsun The police shot a violent, feral thug who attacked and another thug who shot at them. #NotRocketScience

@KWRose After he was attacked by a feral thug.