A Really BIG Sheep In Wolf Clothing

It turns out that hacker and White Knight SgtBilko420 aka LoneWolfAttacks is a Wanted Man.

He was at one time White Knighting for Tara to protect her from harassment and have Revenge Porn taken down. He turned to the dark side when she spurned his “love” and he started posting her nudes and harassing her which included posting threats of violence and rape.

But Daniel Ray Lemons aka Daniel Limon aka Daniel Ledford of Ashville, North Carolina is a big ol’ boy, at 330 pounds, who skipped out on his bond 2 years ago. 

Oh well Danny, at least somebody wants you.

Danny was known to be 27 and living in North Carolina. It was known that his grandparents were Doris and Robert and that he had a sister named Brandy.

It was also known that Daniel went by the name Lemon at one time

il Wizard li is Daniel. The email puts him at his grandparents house where he said he lived.

The email was used on an online forum with his date of birth which coresponds with the Wanted poster

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