Santa’s Naughty List For 2015

These are the naughtiest kids on Santa’s Naughty List 2015 and why they’re on it.

The K8 H8ers:
 Tami, Lora, Jen and all the others for spending way too much time in their crusade to “Save the Gosselin Kids” by bashing their mother Kate and attacking her fans.

Brandon King:
 a Total Tool

Chet Uber:
 earlier this year Chet admitted he is a Benzodiazepine addict. And that he’s been taking Benzos for 35 years. 35 years. Since 1980. This validates my belief that Project Vigilant was conceived by someone on drugs and run by someone who was high.

Vinnie Spina:
 the disbarred attorney waging an insane crusade for vengeance against popular Twitter celebrity, Kristen Johnston, thinking she’d actually win by forging emails.

Gary LaFollette:
 has tried for years to be Twitter famous and finally succeeded by posting Revenge Porn. Over and over again.

Danny Ledford aka Amped Attacks aka SgtBilko420:
 A Hacker wannabe known for using his Pew Pew Cannon to DdoS racist websites who came to the rescue of a revenge porn victim…then reposted her noods when she didn’t fall in love with him. Then he got himself doxed which exposed numerous warrants for his arrest.

Andie Pauly: a notorious racist who often applauds violence against Blacks. It turns out Andie’s not Caucasian, her mother was Black.

Bobby Ray aka Azzmador:
 Runs, an insane White Supremacist site that also hosts hidden mysteries radio where you can hear about the reptilian aliens and shapeshifters invading out planet…He posted a revenge porn picture on his site and was stupid enough to state that he posted the nude as revenge.

Lauren Savage aka Ghost:
 owner of the web hosting business that hosts and co-host of the hidden mysteries radio show. Also vice president of the Republic Of  Texas and the Texas Secessionist movement. Lauren also has a publishing business specializing in fringe spirituality books…and porn.

Carlos Garza:
 for being frightened. Very frightened. And for driving drunk. And for listening to his stupid big brother.

Josh Garza:
Creator of Paycoin, one of the biggest scams ever, thinking he could corner the virtual currency market on the internet by making promises he couldn’t keep. Now he’s the subject of numerous investigations by 3 letter government LEA for fraud, money laundering and other assorted crimes as well as being sued for 10 million dollars in a civil lawsuit involving plaintiffs from 47 different countries.

Sue Basko:
because she won’t cease and desist being Sue Basko

Doug Spink:
 For getting arrested (again) and making headlines (again) for doing bizarre things (again) while under government surveillance (again). Doug created a VPN (again, again, again…Cryptostorm was his 4th VPN attempt since 2007) but seems to have problems keeping his own activities a secret…and legal.

Melissa Brewer aka MissAnonNews:
 Busted as MissAnonNews, she tried to hack my Adobe account but an automatic email notified me of her attempt… and her IP. Now she’s MrsAnonNews

Marcie Sweren Wogan:
Since having a court ordered permanent restraining order against her, Marcie has spent a lot of time trying to convince the world it was JoJo’s fault. And that she’s sick. And that she just wants to have peace.  It only took her a week to violate the restraining order.

JoJo Camp:
 After 2 years of harassing a Florida lawyer and her child, a warrant was issued for JoJo’s arrest. By this time JoJo had secretly fled to Colorado (except we all knew) where he started a New Life and a New Job. But within months he harassed a coworker, got fired and received a New Restraining Order against him. His response to the Florida arrest warrant was to make threats of violence.

Lyndsey Hawkins aka AllSquareCat: She thinks JoJo is “nice” so that gives you an idea of her IQ. Her chronic potato is evident in her fangirl trifecta. She supports deadbeat dad Neal Rauhauser, bestiality advocate Doug Spink, and GAWMiner shill, BadbitCoinOrg. Anything to get that 15 minutes of Efame.

Thomas Retzlaff:
 He’s now on his 5th website, the previous 4 were suspended for death threats, harassment and posting personal information. Retzlaff is currently in litigation with James McGibney aka Bullyville but has managed to screw his case by mocking the judge and court while continuing to publicly harass his enemies.

Retzlaff, who has a history of restraining orders against him for stalking and harassment, is also well known for secretly taking nude pictures of his daughter and then posting them on the internet. Recently he reposted his daughter’s pictures on his website. He’s a class act. His blog is habitually visited by Sue Basko, JoJo Camp and Neal Rauhauser.

Neal Rauhauser:
 In 2015 Neal paid $25 on his $70,000 past due child support. And that $25 had to be garnished from his paycheck, he didn’t voluntarily pay it. Neal ran off to California and got that job, then left when the state of California found out who he was and docked his wages.

Neal made headlines in 2015 for openly attacking CoinfireBlog for announcing the SEC investigation into GAWMiners and Josh Garza. Neal bragged about his “first amendment lawsuit” then suggested retaliation against Coinfire and editor Mike Johnson for publishing the truth. Neal was working for Cryptocoins Blog at the time and was fired.

Besides CryptoCoinsNews, Neal also worked for BadBitCoinOrg, a shill account that promoted investment into the GAWMiners ponzi scam. Neal also worked for Doug Spink, creator for Cryptostorm who is best known for advocating bestiality.

Neal has been waiting a year for his “Million Dollar Judgement” against Bullyville. Looks like nothing’s going to happen in 2015. Meanwhile his little conspiracy with Retzlaff and Dorrell has become evident.

That’s this year’s list!

Merry Christmas to everyone else!