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Stephen Bannon And The New Swamp

This post is part of a series documenting the new swamp being created on capitol hill by Stephen Bannon. It details the relationships between Stephen Bannon and billionaire, Robert Mercer, his daughter Rebekah Mercer and other assorted characters on the Far Right. Stephen Bannon and certified public accountant, Steves Rodriguez, have a relationship that goes back many years. Rodriguez isn’t

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The King Of Trollocaust 2016

Though the media focused on abusive Alt Right accounts getting suspended from Twitter, the truth is that a lot of accounts have been disappearing lately that have nothing to do with the Alt Right, including mine.  From the locked account of @gonzophd with it’s 10 tweets to @DrAyesha4 with 136,000 followers, there seems to be no sensible reason for the

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Hackers Reveal Russian Interference in 2014 Ukraine Elections

In October, emails leaked by Ukrainian hacker group, CyberJunta, were verified as coming from one of Putin’s right hand men, Vladislav Surkov. (Link) The emails outline plans to destabilize the government of Ukraine by creating dissent to force early presidential and parliamentary elections. Surkov planned to back conservative Nationalist and Separatist Ukraine politicians that would serve as puppets for Russia. “It is

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WikiLeaks Shows Hacking Team Sold Spyware To FSB Russia

Wikileaks has emails posted that show Italy’s Hacking Crew sold spyware to FSB Russia. FSB Russia is the Russian equivalent of the CIA and FBI. It’s also the main successor to the KGB.  It’s in charge of security, counter intelligence, counter terrorism, and surveillance. The sales were in violation of European Union sanctions that forbid selling spyware to Russia. Those

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Judge Cosby, You Had One Job

I still shake my head when I’m reminded that Judge Cosby forgot to render a decision in the Bullyville/Rauhauser lawsuit. I mean, it’s not like a forgetting to charge your phone, Cosby is a judge and deciding the outcome of a lawsuit is what he does for crying out loud. There are dockets, court calendars, schedules, law clerks, a court

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