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Rauhauser Says FBI Went After Barrett Browning Trying To Get To Him; May 22, 2013

Sure Neal. It was and is all about you.Tweets are in reverse order so start from the bottom for contextual clarity. @OpManning 11 mths ago @flr666 @BarrettBrownLOL @NealRauhauser lol! Well given our op we don’t just automatically pack up on whatever candy spills xD @flr666 11 mths ago ,@OpManning You do seem 2 have a tendency to put ppl on a pedestal.

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Rauhauser Worked For PayCoin Shill, BadBitCoinOrg; January 20, 2015

The GawMiner scandal cost investors millions of dollars and GAW is currently under investigation by numerous agencies including the SEC. BadBitCoinOrg is a Twitter account and Blog that is supposed to research and report on good and bad crypto coin opportunities. The blog received a lot of scrutiny and criticism for it’s insistent devotion to GAW and its CEO Josh Garza

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Zena is Back As Yanni!

So crop the picture of Yiannis Chryssomallis, the musician more commonly known as Yanni, change the eyes and mustache and you’ve got an avi picture for Zena’s new account.Zena is so crafty, she changed her account name 4 times to fool us. Zena started off naming her new account Unforgotten_1 Then she named it to No_Mas_Toro And then she changed it to ver1f1ed_1 

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