FRAUD? A Great Big Mess In Texas

ViaView has countered the Texas court order for sanctions with a request for a new trial. They also leveled accusations that Thomas Retzlaff, notorious stalker and conman, did most of the work on Rauhauser’s lawsuit. 

This is not an outrageous claim by Viaview. Throughout the course of the Rauhauser trial Retzlaff made numerous comments about his involvement in the lawsuit and with Rauhauser’s attorney. 

While living in Texas, Retzlaff posed as a lawyer and in 2 separate police investigations where Retzlaff was questioned, he gave his occupation as “lawyer”. 

Retzlaff was actually hired as a lawyer by the law office of Robert P Braubach, a very prestigious law firm in San Antonio. Retzlaff dressed up in his Stolen Valor outfit and was hired based on his fake military background.

Retzlaff never attended law school or passed the bar. He isn’t qualified to practice law in any state. One of the numerous crimes that got Retzlaff sent to prison was stealing law books from a government center and then trying to cover up the burglary by forging a check out slip. One of the conditions of his parole was to stop filing frivolous lawsuits in Texas.

Below is Viaview’s response to the Texas court order of last week. ViaView also filed 129 pages of evidence, including quotes from Retzlaff’s emails and website which you can read here.

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