Emergency Stay Granted In Rauhauser vs ViaView Lawsuit

This morning in Texas, Judge Crosby granted an Emergency Stay on the sanctions against ViaView that he okayed just last week. 

The Order for Sanctions was supposedly written by Rauhauser’s attorney but it’s suspected they were actually written by conman  and wannabe lawyer, Tom Retzlaff. The sanctions were poorly written and totally ridiculous which fits Retzlaff’s reputation as a jail house lawyer and vexatious litigant. 

The $1,000,000 awarded to Rauhauser was the largest ever imposed on a company in Texas and the total sanctions of $1,300,000 the largest amount in the United States for an anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Patricipation) lawsuit. 

The non-monetary sanctions impinged on free speech and contradicted the intentions of anti-slapp laws and were added out of revenge… a trademark of both Rauhauser and Retzlaff. 

Bullyville aka ViaView has also requested a new trial. The hearing on that motion is on Jan 29th