Weinergate Redux; 2009-2014

The following Weinergate timeline was compiled by CattyIdiot and AsherahResearch. As they state below, it also outlines Rauhauser’s shenanigans.

My comments are listed as OUB UPDATES in blue.

A timeline of events surrounding Weinergate, which is largely morphed into a detailed look at the shenanigans of Neal Rauhauser.

By Scott DeFazio & the Wicked Witch of Waterford  

*means a screencap exists

10/29/2009 Neal Rauhauser laments on KOS that conservatives ‘own’ twitter
12/01/2009 Neal Rauhauser, Beth Becker introduce “Progressive PST,” a Twitter spam service for Democrats.  Neal is later replaced by Sandi Behrns

6/18/2010 Neal Rauhauser institutes the twitter account “Blog worker’s industrial union” which was then recycled as a “Cozad for Congress” account
8/14/2010 @starchild111 is born; first follow is UCLA writer’s program
8/29/2010 Neal Rauhauser published “ambush time,” detailing dirty tricks campaigns
8/30/2010 Neal Rauhauser begins his ‘wingnutwatch’ campaign to harass Tea Party tweeters
9/21/2010 Neal Rauhauser takes credit for Grijalva campaign success
10/11/2010 Mandy Nagy publishes an expose on Brett Kimberlin; Patterico makes a related post and Brett Kimberlin immediately threatens a lawsuit
12/06/2010 Date Neal Rauhauser claims he quit Project Vigilant

1/02/2011 Neal Rauhauser posts his ‘resignation’ from Project Vigilant on FDL; he later claims it was a ‘joke.’
1/06/2011 @patriotusa Twitter account is created; his first tweet occurs minutes later addressed to Mike Stack

2/05/2011 Aaron Barr claims to have identified key members of Anonymous

2/6/2011 Intrusion into HBGary by Kayla of Lulzsec; hack becomes public on Feb 7, reported widely Feb 8.
2/10/2011 Lee Feng publishes a mockup PDF copy of an HBGary document regarding VR, Brett Kimberlin, and the Chamber of Commerce.  Source appears to be Neal Rauhauser.  Both appear to have access to documents before public release.
2/11/2011 Someone, presumable NR, creates a faux “Team themis” twitter account

3/11/2011 Brett Kimberlin takes credit for the resignation of Aaron Barr

4/13/2011 DMs between @starchild111 and other Weiner fans begin

4/29/2011 Neal Rauhauser, using the nick @septscelles on Twitter, releases a hoaxed “anonymous leak” of public Chamber of Commerce documents (note: uses Barrett Brown as a vehicle to publicize the faked leak, which humiliates him publicly)

5/5/2011 “Twitter user @patriotusa76  references a tweet from someone with the handle @goatsred, (Mike Stack) who says ‘A big bomb about to burst : Rumor on the Right Coast is that a ‘big time’ Congressman was caught with a mistress. There are pix and a top five Right-Wing blogger has them.’ “
“11:34 pm ET: Dan Wolfe (@patriotusa76) retweets the alleged tweet from @RepWeiner’s account. Andrew Breitbart notices the item on Twitter.”
5/5/2011Dan Wolfe” convinces Mike Stack to tweet a ‘blind’ rumor regarding a Weiner scandal
5/5/2011Marianella” contacts Mike Stack suggesting a leak to breitbart.
5/5/2011 First contact between “Starchild111” and Gennette Cordova

*5/25/2011Dan Wolfe” warns against sharing the story with others
5/28/2011Nikki” tries to contact Gennette Cordova;  “John Reid” tries to contact Weiner on Twitter just two hours later

5/2/2011 “1:26 a.m. EST: Andrew Breitbart wonders publicly on Twitter about the identity of @patriotusa76 (the person who first noticed @RepWeiner’s suspicious tweet on Friday night). Breitbart tweets: “Is there a real ‘Dan Wolfe’ @PatriotUSA76 or has someone for months elaborately pretended to be? “

5/12/2011  Alleged DMs between Weiner and Gennette Cordova discussing the validity of @starchild111
5/16/2011 Alleged DMs between Starchild and Weiner begin
5/18/2011 An intermediary for Megan Broussard attempts to contact Breitbart

5/29/2011 Porn actress Ginger Lee claims to have a DM from weiner and is quickly contacted by @starchild111
5/30/2011 Neal Rauhauser writes a KOS diary accusing Breitbart of hacking AW’s twitter account

6/1/2011 “Nikki” emails Gennette Cordova, disclaiming “Marianella”
*6/1/2011 Neal Rauhauser writes the FBI claiming Mike Stack hacked Anthony Weiner (9:02 AM)
*6/2/2011 Neal Rauhauser makes several comments on KOS claiming Mike Stack has hacked Rep Weiner (11am onward)

6/03/2011 Gennette’s interview w/NYP
6/03/2011 IM convo with “Dan Wolfe” and blogger Ladd Ehlinger (4 pm onward)

6/03/2011 Neal Rauhauser writes that Mike Stack is a “suspect” and that he has his contact information
6/03/2011 “Parents” of “Nikki Reid” contact reporter Tommy Christopher to voice support for Weiner and denounce critics; included is @MarianelaAlicea, a supposed ‘classmate’ of Nikki.  Parents John (@johnreid9 & Patricia Reid and Mark Alicea (@markali33)  “Nikki” claims to have lied to Mike Stack. The KOS diary referenced has disappeared.  TC dubs the girls “Betty and Veroinica.”  Both father’s twitter accounts are now locked; both were created on the same day.
All of these twitter accounts vacillated between defending Weiner / claiming ‘harassment’ from Stack and #bornfreecrew hashtag users, and DMing intimations of Weiner ‘scandal’ and suggesting several times bringing their ‘ionfo’ to Andrew Breitbart.

6/6/2011Dan Wolfe” demands an apology from the media via VerumSerum.
6/16/2011 Weiner resigns
6/17/2011 Jennifer Preston’s NYT piece on the fake accounts is published
*6/18/2011 “Starchild111” is identified as “Jennifer George
6/18/2011 Mike Stack recounts some interesting interactions with the Weinerfan sock puppets
*6/19/2011 Mike Stack receives anonymous threatening hushmail
6/19/2011 Someone makes a “Jenay George” Facebook with Joker as the avi
*6/20/2011 Manufactured screencaps appear on Lee’s post on Frey’s blog comments trying to link “Betty and Veronica” to a conspiracy between Weiner and Gennette to troll the ‘teaparty.’

6/23/2011 Pat Frey gets threatening messages from “Alicia Pain” upset that Weiner’s messages are bing released; refers to “John Reid” as “she.”
6/23/2011 Neal Rauhauser contacts Jen Preston (according to Ron)
6/23/2011 Mike Stack is a SWAT victim, caller spoofs number and confesses to murder (10 pmish)

6/24/2011 Blogger “Ace of Spades” gets an email threat from “Alicia Pain” (alicia_Pain18@yahoo.com)
*6/24/2011 Lee Stranahan confirms speaking to Jennifer George’s Screenwriting professor, who is later revealed to also be a fraud.
6/24/2011John Reid” answers questions as a commenter on Frey’s blog
6/24/2011 Patterico talks to “John Reid
*6/24/2011 Pat Frey exchange with a hostile “Alicia Pain” who threatens over comms dumps

6/26/2011  Ron Brynaert receives DM from Jen Preston referring to Neal Ruahauser as  ‘dangerous’ and a ‘dem operative.’
6/26/2011 Lee Stranahan receives a call from Boston Detective regarding ‘harassment’ of Jennifer George:  Lee Stranahan’s contact with Det Thornton reveals the det has visited George at her residence in Boston, and that George has claimed ownership of the starchild/Nikki Reid twitter account.

*6/29/2011 Public Jennifer George receives email from Neal asking about Lee
*6/29/2011 Ron Brynaert publicly tweets “message from Dan Wolf” demanding Stranahan stop ‘harassing’ the ‘two Jennifers.’

6/30/2011 Possible impersonation of public JG called out by Lane Lipton

6/30/2011 Ron Brynaert receives first email from “Jennifer George” (6:51 pm est)
6/30/2011 Ron Brynaert reports receiving a call from jennifer George on this day

7/1/2011 SWAT of Patterico   (12:35 am)
7/1/2011 Date Pat Frey reports receiving a flood of emails from Ron Brynaert
7/1/2011 Jennifer George tells Ron Brynaert she wants to press charges on Neal but won’t specify why She also accuses Lee Stranahan (8:50 am est) Convo continues until 6:43 pm est
7/04/2011 Neal Rauhauser writes rage filled missive about Pat Frey for Kos; Jennifer George emails Ron Brynaert, presumably for the last time.
7/07/2011 Neal Rauhauser announces plans to move to Maryland or DC
7/12/2011 Neal Rauhauser accuses Breitbart of Wiretap etc
7/26/2011 Neal & Beth Becker complain about being wiretapped by Fox News in DC
7/27/2011 Rauhauser publishes “Weinergate Perps pay dearly” at Kos, blaming Patterico and Mike Stack for the scandal and calling for “long term, hard core consequences”

*8/2001   Rauhauser sock “@lulzshack” mocks Pat Frey by making several comments about SWAT and SWAT recordings.  This occurs prior to Frey’s publication of the crime.

8/04/2011 Gennette Cordova suggests Weiner suspected “Nikki” was Dan Wolfe

9/11/2011 Ron Brynaert comments on Kidkenoma, mentions from Neal and refs to Patterico https://kidkenoma.wordpress.com/2011/09/11/and-the-walls-came-down/
9/16/2011 The public Jennifer George gets a threatening hushmail from ‘Peter Pavel’ (aping Doug Stewart?)
9/30/2011 Neal Rauhauser attempts to involve himself in Occupy Boston, references himself as part of Brett Kimberlin’s VR

10/21/2011 Neal Rauhauser posts on Nanog using a ruse asking a comcast employee to identify an IP address for him

11/23/2011 Neal Rauhauser starts commenting on Patterico’s blog as “gaped crusader

*11/26/11  Neal Rauhauser writes to Lane Lipton, offering to have an unspecified female poses as her using a spoofed phone number

*12/17/2011 Neal posts letters addressed to Mike Stack at his home; the address is incorrect & the same as that used by the SWATter

12/19/2011 Rauhauser sets up a faux conspiracy blog in ARG style

12/25/2011 Rauhauser joins the Spook country ARG bulletin board


1/23/2012 Rauhauser attempts to trick ARG players into harassing his victims

2/1/2012 Lee Stanahan’s site is attacked [note: I do believe this was Joanne’s work]

2/28/2012 Neal Rauhauser writes about his “Chamberleaks” hoax

3/1/2012 Rauhauser and @anonyops take credit for killing Breitbart

4/25/2012 Mike Stack speaks to det. Thornton in Boston

4/26/2012 Lee Stranahan suggests Darrah Ford invented Dan Wolfe to personally SE Mike Stack

5/10/2012 Mike Stack receives a threatening note on his door  (OUB update, the Stack deleted his blog, the post can be found via Wayback Machine here)

5/24/2012 Neal Rauhauser writes to Jay Liederman claiming he knows the SWATter, and claims it’s a “beandog,” despite continued claims the caller is Brandon Darby

5/26/2012 Erick Erickson writes about Brett Kimberlin for the first time

5/28/2012 SWAT of Eric Erickson

5/28/2012 SWATter calls Lee Stranahan’s BTR show and brags

6/11/2012 Rauhauser claims both he and Brett Kimberlin SWATted, no evidence is ever produced (OUB UPDATE: Because of his unpaid child support, Rauhauser kept his location a secret from everyone, even his relatives )

6/25/2012 Aaron Walker wins a court case vs. Brett Kimberlin

6/25/2012 SWAT of Aaron Walker

6/26/2012 Neal writes claiming all the SWATs except Mike’s are made by Brandon Darby

7/01/2012 Rauhauser claims to be in Maryland/Va

7/16/2012 Neal Rauhauser and Kelly Hallissey attempt to contact the FBI and name a member of Ugnazi in SWAT attacks

*8/6/2012 Rauhauser blames SWAT attacks on a conspiracy between James O’Keefe, Brandon Darby, and Congresman Mike Grimm [multiple sources]

*9/06/2012 Neal Rauhauser accuses Brandon Darby of the SWATs once more

9/16/2012 Goaded by false conspiracy information from Neal Rauhauser sock “Carlito2000,” Barrett Brown posts an epic meltdown video on Youtube which results in his arrest

*10/11/2012 Rauhauser phones in a false suicide report on me (OUB UPDATE “me” is Jen Emick)

*10/11/2012 Rauhauser claims to have blackmail material on James Henderson

10/13/2012 Brett Kimberlin pleads the fifth in regard to knowledge of SWATs

7/25/2013 Weiner caught in yet another sexting scandal during NYC mayoral race

*11/23/2013 Ron Brynaert confirms to Lee he has spoken to a person who claims to be Jennifer George

*9/17/2013 Rauhauser claims the SWAT perp is “Penis pump 4 lyfe,” claims to be gathering “forensic evidence” for Brett Kimberlin’s lawfare

9/28/2012 Neal Rauhauser admits floating false Chamber leaks to Barrett Brown, passes it off as a joke

11/08/2012 Neal Rauhauser claims to be the sole recipient of a leak from Anonymous regarding Karl Rove; it is another obvious hoax

*12/28/2012 Neal Rauhauser sock account “@lulzshack” is born. After many SWAT threats, Neal acknowledges ownership

1/13/2013 Anonymous releases phone recordings and emails pertaining to conversations with Project Vigilant, Kelly Hallissey, including emails and phone conversations in which Neal admits to making false police reports.

*6/10/2013 Neal Rauhauser makes a thinly veiled SWAT threat toward Bullyville’s James McGibney

*3/18/2014 Neal Rauhauser takes credit for SWAT attacks and other shenanigans on Cass Sunstein’s Reddit AMA

4/16/2014 @missanonnews begins anonymous communications with James McGibney’s lawyer, Jay Liederman

*12/30/2014 Neal Rauhauser claims @occupyrebellion/@missanonnews has “passed away” “months ago.”


Joe Brooks’ swatter recordings https://soundcloud.com/joebrooks-1/voice-of-the-swatter-all-calls

6/2/2011 http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/bizarre/dan-wolfe-anthony-weiner-weinergate-632095

http://ronbryn.blogspot.com/2013/04/dan-wolfe-on-weinergate-and-his-beef.html Ron B vs Dan Wolf of Twitter

http://patterico.com/2012/05/28/caller-to-lee-stranahan-show-claims-to-be-my-swatter/ Great screenie of Neal threatening Mike


Stranahan seems to have immediately sought info on ‘Jennifer George.’ Curiously, Dan Wolf, “jennifer,” Neal, et al push back very strongly.

Dan Wolf’s email appears to be danwolfe7676@gmail.com

^Interesting result