Kimberlin Continues Harassment, Patrick Frey Declaration; August, 2015

Patrick Frey aka Patterico is a prosecutor for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office and, as the declaration below states, he works in the Hard Core Gang division. 

Mr Frey is also one of the bloggers that Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser have long considered to be an enemy and he was one of the people SWATted during Weinergate. 

Frey’s SWATting occurred on on July 1, 2011. On July 4th, 2011, Rauhauser published 2 Daily Kos diaries on Frey: Weinergate: Patterico’s Penalization and Disingenuous Chart, Dishonest D.A. (Weinergate) that make accusations against Frey but oddly enough don’t mention the SWAT.  

In this declaration from the summer of 2015, Frey states that the website (created by Bill Schmalfeld and currently edited by Matt Osborne aka (@OsborneInk) has been posting material that could only have been given them by Brett Kimberlin.

Frey also mentions 3 other people who were SWATted. Not mentioned was Mike Stack who was accused by Rauhauser of hacking Rep. Weiner. 

All 5 people SWATted were enemies of Rauhauser and Kimberlin. Neal and Brett were working together at the time.

…Just Saying….