Zena Attacked By Feral Softball

Zena aka J_Fab_1 posted a tweet recently about having been brutally attacked. It included graphic pictures to show that she couldn’t protect herself from being assaulted because she wasn’t allowed to carry a gun.

Zena likes to claim that people photoshop her tweets so here’s that same tweet on a phone:

Of course, the next step after posting pictures of your battered face after an assault is to create Twitter drama that your pictures are being stolen.

And again, the same tweet on a phone

How embarrassing it must have been for Zena after whining about people stealing  her pictures and then she gets busted for stealing the pictures she was whining about… and busted by the very same person whose pictures she stole to create her fake story about being assaulted.

kc ➳ ‏@caseydixon99 Jan 14

@DontBeSadBro @J_Fab_1 @Zena_2point_0 well this is awkward

8:34 PM – 14 Jan 2016 · Details

Yes, very awkward.

B☆ ‏@brenna_wiggins Jan 14

@caseydixon99 @J_Fab_1 why is she using your pictures?

kc ➳ ‏@caseydixon99 Jan 14

@brenna_wiggins @J_Fab_1 I have no idea


@caseydixon99 @J_Fab_1 wasn’t that from you getting hit with a softball? not getting attacked?

kc ➳ ‏@caseydixon99 Jan 14

@brenna_wiggins @J_Fab_1 yes

It was a Softball! The pictures are of someone who got hit in the face with a softball not an assault resulting from not having a gun. Being able to carry a weapon doesn’t prevent getting hit in the face by a softball. Unless you can shoot it out of the air like Annie Oakley.

So Zena’s technique: when caught in a lie is to make up a new lie to explain away the old one. Her motives were altruistic…she was just trying to help all the other victims assaulted by softballs. 

To top it all off, Zena aka @J_Fab_1 issued a statement which built upon her new lie but made no sense. Using someone else’s pictures to depict an imaginary assault was crazy enough but claiming it was done out of fear that using her own pictures would put her in danger… that’s a bit callous.

Zena and her games… Casey sums it up quite eloquently

kc ➳ ‏@caseydixon99 Jan 14

some people are so weird, like how can you make a fake Twitter and steal pictures and make up random stories, that not normal.

kc ➳ ‏@caseydixon99 Jan 14

@caseydixon99 If that gives you pleasure then you got some major issues my friend