Permanent Protection Order Against Former Maryland Deputy District Attorney

This is the permanent protection order against Marcie Sweren Wogan to prevent her from stalking a 7 year old boy and his mother. I ‘m posting it because Marcie must have lost her copy since she keeps violating the protection order.

Marcie seems to think that the judges and lawyers in Lee County aren’t educated or experienced in real, actual American law. Marcie was a Deputy District Attorney in Maryland for a couple of years until she resigned in 1995. Twenty years ago.  Since then she’s played lawyer on the internet, “for entertainment purposes only” she says.

The Twentieth Judicial Circuit Court of Lee County in Florida is a valid court of law with a real judge and lawyers. The PRO is a valid court document. Nothing Marcie says, no matter how deep the hole she chooses to dig, will change the fact that Marcie Sweren Wogan has a restraining order against her for harassing a 7 year old child and his mother.