Disorder In The Court; Rauhauser Emails

One of the allegations made by Rauhauser’s lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell, is that James McGibney hacked into the network of his lawfirm, Hanszen Haporte, and put child porn on the computers. In the first email below, you see that even Rauhauser himself disputes this. 

Mr Dorrell told a fib.

The second email is also from Neal and was sent to Tom Retzlaff’s daughter. Displaying once again his amazing Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Neal has the balls to ask Retzlaff’s daughter when she thinks Retzlaff will quit harassing McGibney.   

Brittney is the daughter that Retlaff took nude pictures of by using a hidden camera and then posted the pictures online. He recently reposted the pictures on his blog. His daughter has a restraining order against her father and moved to Peru to get away from him. Retzlaff has violated the restraining order over a thousand times, he continues to email and harass her. He recently threatened to physically harm her.  

Yet Neal asks her when her father will stop harassing McGibney so Neal can get paid the court sanctions…

What a POS

You can get the latest news on Retzlaff at thomasretzlaff.com and Rauhauser at nealrauhauser.com