That Time When Catfish Gary Died; March 9, 2015

On March 9th, 2015, Catfish Gary LaFollette announced that one of his followers “Jacob” was his brother and had committed suicide.
This was a lie. There was no brother. The Jacob account was one of Gary’s sock puppet accounts. Gary had catfished a woman and couldn’t get rid of her so he faked his own death.

It was Gary’s 4th ex-wife (I know! 4th!) who let people know that Gary was alive and living at his mom’s house in Sevierville, Tennessee.

Gary posted an announcement about the untimely death on Pastebin and then the condolences started pouring in.

R.I.P Jacob
On behalf of my family, I would like to take a moment to thank those of you who took the time to express condolences to our family. Jacob was a man with a huge heart & deep sense of patriotism. Instead of donations please donate time or money to the wounded warrior project. Thank you

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Carolina Man‏@_Carolina_Man_

@Haji_Hunter762 @g1inn @Mobile_Sensei OMG how sad. Prayers for you & your family! May God bless our #Veterans & heal #PTSD, other issues!

Robin Gates ‏@GatesRobin 9 Mar 2015

@Mobile_Sensei Just heard about Haji_Hunter! My condolences as a VET and it’s a damn shame.#PTSD Damn govt needs to do more.#reality #vets

norsepast @norsepast

@Haji_Hunter762 @PhyIis @Mobile_Sensei If this is for real – I’m sorry for your lose folks

RXgyl2015 @RXgyrl0929

@Mobile_sensei_ and now he has a fake acct. using my pix. The DA is going to love this

Monique________#TGDN @MoniNewOrleans

#Prayers and thoughts for and condolences to the family/friends of @Mobile_Sensei . @Haji_Hunter762 @PhyIis

Infidel ‏@PhyIis 9 Mar 2015

@MoniNewOrleans @Mobile_Sensei @Haji_Hunter762 I’m so sad. I can’t believe he’s gone. Still in shock 🙁

Mark Carroll ‏@markc2902 9 Mar 2015
@PhyIis @MoniNewOrleans @Mobile_Sensei @Haji_Hunter762


@Haji_Hunter762 he did it himself. Goodnight

JackieOH! @Junebug1952

@Mobile_Sensei I am SO SORRY. EVERYONE, he has committed suicide

Charlie @Silly2sue2

R.I.P. @Mobile_Sensei prayers for your family and loved ones.

JackieOH! @Junebug1952

@RXgyrl0929 @Mobile_Sensei I think a family member. Said he was their brother


@RXgyrl0929 Dont act like you give a shit, just go away ..


@Mobile_Sensei @manofmanychins @g1inn There are MANY friends here. They LOVED your Brother!


@Mobile_Sensei @manofmanychins @g1inn I am so sorry for your loss!


@Swag_Monkie_ @KendrickBell15 @Mobile_Sensei @Haji_Hunter762 @PnksIobermnky good for you. He’s in Sevierville

RXgyrl2015 @RXgyrl0929

@KendrickBell15 @Mobile_Sensei @Haji_Hunter762 @PnksIobermnky I just got off the ph. With his aunt, he’s alive and well.