Neal Visits CJs Blog; Jan 25th, 2016

CJ is one of the women for whom the Kate Gosselin haters crossed over the line between free speech on the internet to In Real Life harassment.
CJ has a popular blog called o and a with cj and Neal Rauhauser stopped by for a visit.  Since Neal has harassed CJ in the past, there;s absolutely no sane reason why Neal would be visiting her blog except to troll…but Neal got trolled back much harder.

I’m curious about Neal’s remark about how Cryptostorm deals with troublemakers…

Reality TV skank Kate Gosselin long ago discarded James McGibney, mostly because she was wise enough to know he was going to end up where he is today – financially and reputationally ruined because he makes judgments like a boy in his early teens.

Hrm, a comment but no statcounter? Clearly, this is the work of hackers …

OHAI Neal, I thought you didn’t care about Kate Gosselin. (

Cryptostorm subpoena response process is hilarious and they have methods .. curious methods … for dealing with troublemakers.
I had heard it was pretty stupid over here, glad to see reality more or less matches the reports.

Avatar LOL Neal •

Oh Neal, learn to take a joke.
No one here has any interest in trying to subpoena Cryptostorm.
I think you need to work harder on your troll and SE skills. They’ve been a little lacking lately.

    Hrm, no smart remark about the reverse lookup for that IP, eh?
    How about this one instead? Be sure to tell that histrionic twerp all about it. Knowledge about origin IPs worked out SO well the first time, didn’t it?

    AvatarCJWhodunit Mod • 

    Biggest non-secret on the interwebz! NONE of them “care about Kate” but yet, they tweet hundreds of thousands of tweets to her,knowing she’s blocked them all *years* ago!When she doesn’t respond they child bash her kids, and when that doesn’t make her pay attention to them, they start Jon bashing,lols all around!
    Well played, Kate. Well played indeed! Ignore them and sit back and laugh at their frustrations!

    Avatarhe he he LOL Neal • 

    Shhhh be vewy vewy quiet. Neal is hunting for wabbits. LOL

    AvatarCJWhodunit Mod •

    Bwahahahahaha! Now I will always read his internet ‘voice’ with an Elmer Fudd accent, LOLOLOL!!!Thumbnail


      AvatarNeal has a madz 

      Sssshh Neal has a madz. He’s not gonna get any money from McGibney so he’s coming over to your “dead” blog to tell you how stupid we all are.
      That’ll show us.

        AvatarCryptoStorm to the rescue 

        Hey don’t make fun of the Kneal for using CryptoStorm VPN. Just because Douglas Spinks got arrested for running a bestiality farm, it doesn’t mean the Kneal is necessarily into wabbits, or goats, or well ….whatever.

        AvatarCJWhodunit Mod 


        Or is it ‘ewe’? Inquiring minds…