Rauhauser Worked For PayCoin Shill, BadBitCoinOrg; January 20, 2015

The GawMiner scandal cost investors millions of dollars and GAW is currently under investigation by numerous agencies including the SEC. 
BadBitCoinOrg is a Twitter account and Blog that is supposed to research and report on good and bad crypto coin opportunities. The blog received a lot of scrutiny and criticism for it’s insistent devotion to GAW and its CEO Josh Garza despite evidence that it was a ponzi scheme. 

BadBitCoinOrg urged people to invest money and buy the coin created by Garza called PayCoin even though the coin continued to lose value. And after the SEC investigation was announced BadBitCoinOrg still insisted PayCoin was a great investment.

Coinfire Blog was the first to break the news that GAW was going to be investigated by the SEC. Neal Rauhauser, who was writing for a competing blog called CryptoCoinsNews, publicly declared that Coinfire should be “sued to silence”.

Neal was fired for inciting retaliation-Coinfire staff received email threats (including one from Neal), death threats and, creepily bizarre, a package of dead rabbits. Coinfire also had its blog hijacked and Twitter account hacked.

What nobody was aware of at that time was that at the same time he was writing for CryptoCoinNews, Neal was also working for BadBitCoinOrg. 

Below is BadBitCoinOrg as Colonel32. This was an alias used by BadBitCoinOrg to hide his identity so he could shill for Garza and GAWMiners.

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Neal is also a member of our own Team, and a top investigator, and he did write that, but not on CCN or as a representative for CCN but citing his own experience of similar false accusation. A case which he recently won. He is absolutely right, there isn’t a single fact in that article, but it has a serious effect on the individual investors as well as GAW, so it needs to be addressed seriously. I am not so independent in my own opinion, and I am 100% in support of XPY as the only real opportunity at present to achieve mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a great store of value, but useless as a currency with hours to confirm a transaction. XPY bridges the gap between the idealistic but improbable anarchic model, and the real world Oh, and it isn’t a scam, ponzi or con. We should know. ViK – Badbitcoin.org
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Yes – I do have a great deal of money Invested in it. But that is because I invest wisely and with insight. 30 years in business has enabled me to totally fund Badbitcoin.org for the last year, not for profit, but to clear a path for the good actors, and for the societal change that de-centralised finance will bring about. Social values that are no doubt abhorrent to many of you, and a complete mystery to many others. I have seen the medium that can finally bring this about, and it is Paycoin.
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The shouting gets louder.
This is because Paycoin is set to put all your scamcoin pump & dump ‘Playground Empires’ out of business for good. The shouters all have vested interest in the failure of XPY, in order to sustain their own scamcoins which they pump, dump and destroy the credibility of all Crypto in the process.
Shout all you want scammers. From our perspective, Paycoin is the first NON scamcoin to come along in the last year, and has the potential to finally bring Digital Currency to a mass market.
We have listed 535 crypto scams in 2014. We DO know a scam when we see one, and GAW, and XPY are NOT scams, and so we will keep defending it. We want to see mass uptake of digital currency, after years of stagnation, bitcoin just isn’t going to do it, but XPY just might. You don’t need to take our word for it – Just sit back and watch this express train leave the station without you.