Retzlaff And His Mail Order Military Awards

Here are some of the certificates that Thomas Retzlaff ordered offline to validate his stolen valor.

Retzlaff claimed he was a member of the 218th Military Police Unit when he was 19 years old and took part in the Schutzenschnur. This is one of the most sought after awards for rifle marksmanship in the Army. Tommy won the Gold Award on May 5th, 1985. Of course gold is the best you can get.

Tommy also got a certificate that said he trained for the Special Forces in 1985

And also in 1985 Tommy attended Military Police School. He was very busy that year!

Then in 1991, Tommy claimed to have received a purple heart for being wounded overseas during Desert Storm. But at this time he was serving with the 502nd Military Police, Criminal Investigation Division…. He must have fallen off the couch while watching Jerry Springer.

And then in 2004 Tommy awarded himself the Presidential Service Badge Certificate! That’s incredible considering 2004 is the year that Tommy got out of prison!