Gaped Crusader, Deleted Rauhauser Blog; November 2011

The Gaped Crusader was one of Neal Rauhauser’s aliases back in 2011 and 2012. He also operated a blog under that name which is where the following came from. Neal was outed as the Gaped Crusader and the blog was suspended.

In this post, Neal gives the names of people he thinks are @th3j35t3r without offering any proof of why he states this. This is typical of how Neal deals with people he perceives as his enemies; He associates them with events or activities that will get other people to attack them.  

Neal talks about giving Westboro Church his manufactured information so the individuals he’s named can be sued by that church.  

Genuine Internet Spies

  The picture wouldn’t be complete without the inevitable self appointed secret agents. Breitbart has a trio of them in his service and they coordinate with Patterico to provide high quality intelligence and information operations.

The three stooges are:

@AaronBarr. A Navy signal intel guy, Barr got way in over his head trying to create and operate Team Themis. He couldn’t sell this unfunny corporate clone of LulzSec to anyone, so he convinced the Financial Times that he knew who Anonymous really was. Anonymous convinced him, starting with their corporate firewall and ending with his personal iPad, that he should get off their internets.

@ThomasRyan_. This douchebag intruded into the lives of several hundred intelligence analysts with a persona known as Robin Sage and then went on the road talking about how he’d punked them. While not as immediately career threatening as Barr’s foolhardy insult to Anonymous, the long term effects will be far more perilous. Actually, it isn’t hard to imagine that I might be one of the victims, putting this whole set of dossiers together just to get at him.

Ryan infiltrated Occupy Wall Street with the same Maxwell Smart aplomb Barr demonstrated in handling Anonymous – his email dump revealed that he was acquainted with Barr and in fact the back channel reports that Ryan was quite distressed last spring when Team Themis imploded. He may well have been promised an early slot in this enterprise. He also revealed that he was using DC406 as a base of operations.

@rjacksix is Robin Jackson, half of the duo behind Williams Twins Forensics and the operator of DC406 , winners of the 2010 DoD Cyber Crime Center forensic challenge. He and his partner in this, Ed Williams, are either the people behind the right wing hacker th3j35t3r, or they are intimately connected to the person who runs the Twitter account. They have the singular distinction of being even more hated in the intel community than Ryan, specifically for their practice of heedlessly whacking jihadi sites that others are attempting to monitor and infiltrate.

The continued operation of th3j35t3r is a bit of a puzzle. Their clumsy, public sixty day DDoS of the Westboro Baptist Church ought to have long since got them tossed into the WBC litigation woodchipper, yet they continue to roam around making a nuisance of themselves. It would be … unfortunate … for them … if someone were to alert WBC to the particulars in this matter.

So there you have it – a trio of clumsy spooks to go with a duo of porno gangsters, and this is Patterico’s personal army.