Retzlaff Email Exhibits For ViaView Hearing

The exhibits below were submitted for the hearing on Thursday as part of the request for a new trial. It’s unlikely that the judge will reverse his decision and in that case, an appeal will be filed.

The emails shown are from Thomas Retzlaff, a defendant in a lawsuit against ViaView in California who is NOT a party to the lawsuit with Neal Rauhauser in Texas. 

Retzlaff impersonated a lawyer for several years while he lived in Texas but he isn’t an attorney, never graduated from law school, is not a member of the bar in any state, and is no longer a resident of Texas. His meager knowledge of the law was acquired while in prison.

Retzlaff’s numerous comments about working on Rauhauser’s lawsuit are disturbing. The way he speaks to his daughter is even more disturbing.