Meet The Cast, Deleted Rauhauser blog Post; 2012

This post appeared on Neal Rauhauser’s blog in 2012.
Take everything Rauhauser says with a grain of salt, he lies as easily as he breathes.


This is all getting a little muddled – three big right wing conspiracy theorieshalf a dozen hoaxes, four Congressional races, thirty individuals, and a smattering of civil and criminal matters I haven’t even begun to touch. I am not sure I can get this all done between now and the election. This post is going to pop up periodically as I get everyone a profile and get them sorted into groups.
Closeted Homosexuals:
James M. Henderson – former American Center for Law and Justice attorney, who exited under mysterious circumstances after tapes surfaces of him plying young boys with drugs and alcohol.
Ali Akbar co-founder of National Bloggers club, black, Arab name, convicted felon, closet case, and @KarlRove‘s boytoy. No, there’s no punch line, you can’t make shit like this up. (@Ali)
Jordan Sekulow Executive director of American Center for Law and Justice, mysteriously gone a few days when James M. Henderson was fired, but then he returned. (@JordanSekulow)
Corrupt FBI Agents In Congress:
Michael Grimm – New York Congressman facing an grand jury probing extortion charges. (@RepMichaelGrimm)
Mike Rogers – Michigan Congressman, chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. (@RepMikeRogers)
Psychiatric Disability:
Michelle Lessick – false positive for delusional troll ZAPEM.
Seth Allen – mentally disabled man in Massachusetts, likely schizotypal, world record holder for endurance trolling. (@Prepostericity)
Ron Brynaert – mentally ill former editor of RawStory. Still does a lot of good research, but he often goes on tangents. (@ronbryn)
Pat Frey‘s Sock Puppets:
Dan Wolfe – fake conservative activist, instrumental in Anthony Weiner smear. (@PatriotUSA76)
Nikki Reid – faketeen daughter of fakemom Patricia and fakedad John. A Weinergate prop. (@starchild111)
Patricia Reid – fakemom to faketeen Nikki Reid, punked Tommy Christopher with a fake driver’s license.(Not on Twitter)
John Reid – fakedad of faketeen Nikki. Gave lots of text chat interviews.(@JohnReid9)
Peter Pavel – sock puppet troll email sender, carries water for Pat Frey. Not at all plausible. Weinergate prop. (@PavelLeroux)
Alicia Pain – troll who would argue minute details of California code with Pat Frey. Another Weinergate prop.(Not on Twitter)
Lee Stranahan – apparently a pimp, as well as a conservative blogger and promoter of the Occupy Unmasked smear movie. (@stranahan)
Pat Frey – Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Pat Frey. But maybe he’ll be just plain ol’ Pat Frey before much longer? (@Patterico)
Robert Stacy McCain – racist scum. See the profile for a more pithy quote. (@rsmccain)
Douglas Matthew Stewart – conservative, blogger, small time criminal as a kid, trying to be a troll but lacking the sense of comic timing. (@dmatthewstewart)
Anonymous Drama Club:
Barrett Brown – self appointed commander of Anonymous during #OpTunisia, gonzo journalist, and federal prisoner as of 9/13/2012. (@BarrettBrownLOL, status updates from @ElviraXMontana)
Jen Emick – Michigan based crazy cat lady, pretends to be some sort of infosec maven. (@AsherahResearch, occasionally @FakeGreggHoush)
William Welna – an annoying troll (@Sanguinarious, perhaps@Le_Researcher, too)
Kelly Hallisey – old time IRCop and president of the Twitter citizens vigilance committee. (@Bitchiest)
Tom Ryan whitehat hacker, bad manners, epic double chin. Don’t talk to him, that just encourages him. (@TomRyanBlog)
Bloggers & Journalists:
Tommy Christopher – journalist who wrote about Weinergate, punked by fakemom Patricia Reid. (@tommyxtopher)
Scott Kaufman – liberal blogged, perhaps taken in by Pat Frey Fakery. (@scottekaufman)
Jeff Goldstein – conservative blogger, also may have been taken in by Frey’s faking. (@ProteinWisdom)
Brooks Bayne – owner of Seems a bit too savvy to be a conservative, but what do I know? (@BrooksBayne)
Kid Kenoma – operator of a funny web site, often the hand behind the curtain when it comes to strange internet doings. (@KidKenoma is a long dead troll account)
Lane Lipton – operator of the Qritiq blog. Pat Frey really should not have bothered her. (@qritiq)
Dustin Farahnak – an editor from the defunct Everyone Draw Mohammed blogspot and a bit of a troll on Twitter and in blog comments. (@dust92)
Darrah Ford – porn blogger who got caught up in Weinergate blamestorming, largely disappeared in June of 2011. (@DarrahFord)
Birthers & Other Crackpots:
Sharon Meroni – birther crackpot Illinois resident, frivolous lawsuit artist, and operator of scabby little fake media network. (@SharonMeroni@LibertyChalice)
Greg W. Howard has been Twitter’s crybaby in chief for three years running. Go ahead, make a sock account, give him a poke. He’ll howl about stalking, treason, and a host of other wingnut nonsense will promptly pour forth.
Sean Norris, a Madison resident, has been fingered as the brains and organizing energy behind the efforts of Patrick Read, Greg W. Howard, and others.
Patrick Read is often found out in front when some preposterous wingnut conspiracy theory is on the move. He is reportedly bi-polar, but this is not confirmed, and he belongs with his peers in this group.
Miscellaneous persons of interest:
Bret T. Warren – not a beandog, not a swatter, just some guy in Florida who suffered epic trolling.(Not on Twitter)
Beandog Militia – the wisecracking mameshiba that were instrumental in the Twittergate conspiracy theory were finally demonstrated to be members of the troll group Penis Pump 4 Life almost two years after the fact.