Dead Beat Dad Neal Gets Nailed

Finally! Though it will be another week before the judge in Texas makes a new ruling on the Rauhauser v McGibney lawsuit, at least one good thing came out of yesterday’s hearing. After 14 years the state of Nebraska was finally able to serve Neal with a lien to collect on his $68,000 unpaid child support. 

Last year Rauhauser made one child support payment of $25. That was the only payment for 2015. And he actually didn’t pay it, it was garnished from his wages by the state of California. Neal was there hoping to get a job with a television show as a consultant on Anonymous ( yes, really) and while there he obviously got a temporary job and filled out paperwork which sent out a red flag to California that he was a dead beat dad. 

Nebraska had been unable to serve Rauhauser for the last 14 years because his permanent address was unknown. Neal Rauhauser has been in hiding for many, many years and claiming he’s unable to work due to Lyme disease.  Though he’s been able to contact law enforcement around the country over the past several years, he’s never managed to contact a court in Nebraska to explain his situation and try to get his payments reduced. 

But publicly on his blog, on Daily Kos, on Twitter, he always has excuses for why he hasn’t paid or shouldn’t pay or can’t pay.  He’s the epitome of a dead beat dad.