Hire JoJo The Felon As Security For Your Event!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that another restraining order was filed against JoJo by a coworker from the Event Security company he worked for last year. And he was fired of course. I’m thinking this new company isn’t going to last too long.

UPDATE: JoJo’s Event Services and Security, LLC was registered December 11th, 2015, that’s just 9 days after the warrant for his arrest was issued..

Unbelievable! Joseph A Camp, notorious hacker, ex felon and stalker with a warrant for his arrest ran off to Colorado to park cars for an event security company. And now JoJo seems to be running his own event security business. I guess because he was the Major League Soccer Employee of the Season!
Somehow, even though JoJo’s company can’t be more than a couple months old, they have managed to acquire extensive experience. 

Parking cars isn’t really extensive experience.

Oh, by the way, JoJo was also diagnosed as a Sociopath. 

Yeah, hire JoJo for all your security needs. You don’t have to pay him, he’ll just hack into your bank and take his fees.

The following are excerpts from JoJo’s website describing his business

Tickets and Gates:
Jojo’s team has extensive experience supervising and managing gates at major sports arenas to include, NFL, NBA, MLB, Lacrosse, MLS, and every other professional and NCAA sport, as well as many festivals, concerts and various events. We are capable of assisting with your ingress and egress needs. From ticket scanning to drop-counting. Jojo himself was named the Major League Soccer, Security Employee of the Season, 2015 for providing outstanding gate and concourse security for the Rapids Soccer club during the 2015 season.

Integrity Testing:
Jojo’s has been asked at various times to test the integrity of event security. When using this service, Jojo’s will write up a detailed summary of the steps taken and will provide suggestions to improve the weaknesses directly to you. This report will be considered confidential and only Jojo’s staff participating in this exercise will have knowledge of the steps that were taken. Our staff are trained to be discrete and only our on-site manager, the staff who participated and preparing the post-test report, and you will even know that these events are/were taking place.

Cash Management:
As is the case with many festivals and venues, there is always large sums of currency that flows throughout the event. Jojo’s can provide services exclusively for the management of the this cash. Our staff will never let your clients money out of their sights, even if it changes hands, being counted or otherwise moved until instructed by you or your client.

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