Tommy Looks For A Job

Anthony305 is an account that’s been commenting on Thomas Retzlaff’s creepy blog ViaViewFiles. It’s actually an identity Retzlaff has stolen and been using for several years.
The original Anthony305 lives in Florida and was around 16 when he was using that handle online. Now 10 years later Retzlaff is using that name and using a picture of the original Anthony.

Retzlaff began using the Anthony305 several years ago while he was living in Texas. but then online impersonation became a felony in Texas so Tommy moved to Arizona. 

Eventually the legal system in the US will catch up to technology and people like Thomas Retzlaff won’t be able to commit their crime in one state and flee to another to avoid prosecution. 

Tommy’s online accounts are usually pretty nasty, he likes to troll and incite reactions from others but Anthony305 is pretty tame.

Since this is a Thomas Retzlaff, look for the porn. There’s always porn 

This is funny! Tommy used the Anthony305 account to post an ad looking for work on a website for felons. He used his actual age at the time (the ad was posted in 2012). 

The V.I.C.A. he refers to had a name change in 1999 so his training is pretty dated. And Tommy calls himself a people person…the rest of us would call it being a perverted stalker.