One Less Problem, JoJo Camp

I certainly don’t begrudge Joseph Camp starting over and getting a life, but the idea of an unrepentant hacker with several restraining orders against him as well as a warrant for his arrest, opening any type of security business is just too much to accept.

I am destroying you, your reputation, your lolsuits, your finacinials, and exposing you “criminal” associates. Haha Just starting.

I’m sure a lot of the credentials and pictures on JoJo’s facebook and website aren’t valid. I question whether he’s license and bonded to do security or has the insurance required to operate an event services business.

JoJo had an ad on a website called Places To Go In Aurora, I notified them about JoJo with his history and my concerns. They removed the ad.

JoJo also has a Facebook ad for his business here. If you go to the large picture at the top, on the bottom right hand corner there is a Like box and a Message box. There are three dots on the right side of the Message box where you can report the ad.