Neal Rauhauser Throws In The Towel But Declares Victory; January 2, 2014

On January 2nd, 2014 Neal Rauhauser made his first post on his latest blog “Conspiracy Brokers” in which he declared Victory over everybody.
An amazing move on his part after the month of December in which his ex-wife joined Twitter and revealed Neal owes $48,000 in back child support and is a certified Sociopath. The former Mrs Rauhauser also revealed she had to hire private security in response to Neal’s threats and harassment.

The fact that most of Twitter now despises Neal for being a Dead Beat Dad or is laughing at him for being a Derp who spent 3 years hunting a woman with nothing to show for it, has nothing to do with Neal leaving Twitter. The fact that Neal has numerous warrants out for his arrest and LE is actively looking for him also has nothing to do with Neal leaving Twitter. He’s moving on because he won.So the next time you get pulled over by a cop for having a lead foot, just stick your head out the window and say “I win” then step on the gas. Victory…Neal’s Conspiracy Brokers blog is here

Since he likes to delete articles on his blog, it’s copied below.

All Good Things Must End

January 2, 2014 Neal Rauhauser

Tactics that drag on too long become a drag. -Saul Alinksy

The Conspiracy Brokers were a notional group of fixers/hoaxers involved in the “appraisal, manufacture, operation and sale of both conspiracies and conspiracy theories”. This was an intentional attack on the underlying substrate of the worldview of various conspiracy kooks who had plagued me since the 2010 primary season. The basic premise, an application of Randian free market flapdoodle in combination with SubGenius inspired culture jamming, was wildly successful in all sorts of odd, unpredictable ways.

The portmanteau Kookpocalypse refers to a related effort which first appeared in early 2012 and is associated with over the top conspiracy theorizing targeting various weak minded nuisance actors from the fringe right/conspiracy theory scene.

There have been a variety of blogs, Twitter accounts, anonymous pastebins, Tumblr accounts, and other social media ephemera associated with these two major ‘brands’. As of 1/1/2014 if anything moves in this realm, it’s not me, I’m declaring victory and moving on to the next phase of my career.

What does victory look like? Here are some high points:

October 15th, 2013 – Brett Kimberlin, another frequent target of the fringe right, filed a civil RICO suit in Maryland
October 25th – 27th – after three long years of an obviously OCD cyberstalker infesting every corner of my life, the pool of candidates was narrowed to two women, both of whom worked for Vested Protection Systems, a detective agency in Clark, NJ.
November 1st, 2013 – in response to being notified of Kimberlin’s suit, Washington D.C. FBI office recommends an organized presentation of the complaint to the Maryland U.S. Attorney Office.
November 5th, 2013 -New Jersey Senate race to Cory Booker, Virginia Gubernatorial race to McAuliffe.
December 9th, 2013 – Union County prosecutors office and members of Clark, New Jersey city council receive writings and recordings of the cyberstalker, which include her claiming to be a police officer, a serious misdemeanor.
December 25th, 2013 – top level GOP strategists declare war on the Tea Party, announcing their intent to thwart “stupid” candidates.

There is still quite a lot of cleanup to be done, but this is now a matter for prosecutors and judges rather than public theater.

There are three active lawsuits in Maryland, one a state libel suit, one a federal copyright suit, and you can see the text of the RICO suit right here. Once Kimberlin’s discovery is complete it is likely that I will have a quick, easy avenue to recover some of the damages I have experienced over the 1,115 days my cyberstalker managed to remain anonymous. Direct damages alone due to loss of income comparable to my previous earnings are in excess of $150,000 and given the nature of the campaign against me punitive damages will likely be much, much higher.

There is a cottage industry among various retards with Twitter access which involves either desperately seeking me, poorly executed efforts to pose as me, or some combination of the two. The high water mark for this was mid-September of 2013 when the Buffalo FBI field office received a credible threat made to appear as if it were me, which led to two other activists I know receiving home visits. Not long after this I got a tip that I should consider whether RICO suit defendant Ali Akbar and Buffalo area AFP funded Tea Party organizer Lisa Thrun might know each other from the 2010 Doug Hoffman House race. This seemed like a good problem for the FBI, given that it was their facility that was targeted, so I gave them the information I received.

@NealRauhauser is mine, but it’s gone silent except for some others patrolling mentions and availing themselves of Twitter’s shiny new banhammer, which is both swift and much more accurate since their IPO. Those interested in my ongoing work can find counter-terrorism science related efforts via my TRAC profile (subscription required), I participate in a number of LinkedIn groups including AfPak oriented Center for the Study of Intelligence Operations, and it appears that Occupy Everywhere will be quite busy in 2014. The Neal Rauhauser WordPress blog is my perpetual scratchpad, host to whatever captures my eye at any given moment.

Go then. There are other worlds than these.