Bad Actors; Denise Romano And DebbieCaplanPR, Feb 19th, 2014

With the Academy Awards coming up shortly I thought it would be appropriate to take a trip down memory lane to take another look at two of the worst actors in the internet.

Doxic Shock Syndrome by @SDzzz is an excellent and detailed account of the smear campaign that was waged against Unite Blue. Unfortunately there was one sentence that suggested Denise Romano started ConnectTheLeft which seemed to be okay for 6 months until sports promoter, Debbie Caplan initiated the following converstaion. This set off a histrionic fit by Romano that lasted for weeks.

It was obviously a public version of a conversation that had already taken place privately.

TY, Debbie; This is INSANE. started – I had nothing to do with it & just commented saying so.

    You’re very welcome. I was shocked when I came across it. really needs to see it!!!

      I had nothing to do with starting did it all & deserves all the credit. All they had to do was ASK me.

        They don’t give a damn about the truth!

          pls see my tweets to SDzzz & amplify them if you choose to.

          Oh no! I won’t ever have anything to do with that group of Rodents again!!!