Evil Auntie Andie Pauly

Andie Pauly and all her police reports reminds me of Sue Basko and all her FBI reports.  In both cases, I’m sure the reports go straight to the Quack File.

Izzy Honey is Andie Pauly’s niece. and she’s been posting pictures and information on the real Andie Pauly.

The first amendment gives Andie the right to speak her racist viewpoints, it also protects those who disagree with her. It just doesn’t protect them on Twitter.

In any case, I don’t think the family will be going to Andie’s house for Easter.

 Izzy Honey @IzzzyHoney
@andieiamwhoiam @Sravargassss no Ugly fat blobs on my sight THANKS ! AKA ANDIE Mon Feb 22 22:11:00 +0000 2016
@Sravargassss says the witch with the 4′ eyebrows @andieiamwhoiam @IzzzyHoney
 Izzy Honey @IzzzyHoney
@Gatorgirl4vr @Sravargassss @andieiamwhoiam she’s my Aunt I know her truths you know her lies Mon Feb 22 22:17:49 +0000 2016
@IzzzyHoney not related to skanks like you @Sravargassss @andieiamwhoiam
@Gatorgirl4vr @IzzzyHoney @Sravargassss I have this feral blocked.Progressives need to understand boundaries.
@andieiamwhoiam they think they’re entitled @IzzzyHoney @Sravargassss


@Birds_Quest @theferalhooker @IzzzyHoney @SciFiPhreak @Merpo2 @SandraDunsmoor Block and report. Police have what they need.