UPDATED: Vinnie Tries To Rescue Brandon With Your Money

UPDATE: This post was censored and removed by Google after a complaint filed by Vinnie Spina as part of a harassment campaign. 

We were not given notice or an opportunity to protest the censorship. We have a first amendment right to publish information of public interest on irontroll.com as established in Obsidian v Cox. 

A GoFundMe campaign was created by Vinnie Spina on behalf of Brandon King. It was later taken down when the internet discovered the truth about Brandon and Vinnie and complained to GoFundMe.

It’s not the best policy to try and raise money for someone without stating specifically who that person is and what exactly the money is going to be used for.

Of course there are always two sides to every story. But what the court documents show is Brandon King kidnapped his son last summer then ended up in jail for contempt of court over the $25,000 child support he hasn’t paid for the support of the child he’s so concerned about. 

So before Brandon spends any donated money to fight Arkansas courts he’ll first have to pay off that $25,000. Any court in any state would find it hard to give custody to a dead beat dad whose years behind in child support.

And I’m reminded of that time when Vinnie Spina was in charge of funds that weren’t hers and she started spending the money, then was disbarred because of her embezzlement.

GoFundMe is a brilliant idea, just practice due diligence in knowing to whom you’re donating and what the cause actually is.

(from the GoFundMe created by Vinnie)

We told BK of all the people donating and the fact that we collected so much in a short amount of time. with Thanksgiving just around the corner, his goal is to spend it with his son and those he loves

Due to popular demand here goes, on behalf of BK, he has been fighting for justice for 8 years.

Texas Courts listened to BK loud and clear, BK was right! The Texas court removed the ten year old from the house of convicted batterers and gave him to BK.

Then Arkansas Courts stepped in. Arkansas ignored the Texas Courts. ignored the testimony of the boy, ignored the evidence, ignored the jurisdictional issues, ignored the assault convictions and forced the boy (crying and screaming) to return to the batterers home.

BK has sacrificed everything to fight against the abusive Arkansas system to save his son