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The Evolution of OpTrollBill

Neal has dredged up the days of OpTrollBill to brag that he took over the OpTrollBill account to “clean things up”.  The graphic below was taken from a third party site and shows that whatever account Neal took over, it wasn’t the real OpTrollBill. And he didn’t clean anything up. Nor did he take care of William Talley. It’s typical

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Johnny Swift aka Retzlaff on Disqus

I’ve posted this before but here’s Tom Retzlaff as Johnny Swift on Disqus with links still intact. Discussion on Wired: Threat Level   205 comments FBI Admits It Controlled Tor Servers Behind Mass Malware Attack Johnny Swift  splicernyc  2 years ago I like child porn. I hope it never goes away! 10 View in discussion Johnny Swift  2 years ago every time a police officer gets murdered

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Trump And The DOJ Discrimination Lawsuit; October 1973

Donald Trump has been criticized for being a racist. That’s not a new thing. The Trump Organization has been accused of discrimination several times. Below is an excerpt from The Trumps: Three Generations That Built an Empire By Gwenda Blair. Trump was accused of discriminating against Blacks but hired attorney Roy Cohn to file a countersuit. Cohn achieved notoriety in the 1950’s when

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Contingency Is Contingecy

Those of you who’ve been following the drama and reading the court documents of the Bullyville trials may recall Neal Rauhauser stated numerous times that his lawyer was representing him on a contingency basis.  Contingency is when you don’t pay your lawyer unless, and until, the case is won. Then the lawyer takes a cut, which is usually a third.

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Helping Neal 2

Just helping Neal collect stuff for his court date on April 7th. The statement below is from Disqus and the first line falls under“any written statements by you regarding the characterization of indebtedness to Hanszen Laporte in conjunction with this case“. Neal Rauhauser  Oh Neal try harder  2 months ago Unlike some people, who think it’s clever to run up professional services

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