Rauhauser Wants To Sue Department of Justice; March 21, 2014,

The following is from Neal’s blog so, of course, it was deleted long ago. In typical fashion, Neal attempts to conflate something popular on the internet with himself. In this case it’s the Barrett Brown saga.

 Of course Neal knew Barrett Brown was going to get into trouble because Neal is psychic. He’s just shy about his talent so he waits until after an event is done and over with and then he lets the world know that he knew it was going to happen and it happened just like he thought it would. 

Neal attempts to merge all his court problems into one mess.
  •  The Tarrant county lawsuit has nothing to do with Barret Brown. Neal is afraid to appear in person because he has warrants for his arrest and owes $60,000 in child support.
  •  The “hate group” Neal refers to is Zapem in New Jersey. She’s crazy but not a group
  •  Whatever occurred in 2012 has nothing to do with the Bullyville lawsuit or Zapem’s obsession with Neal.
  •  Neal is, and always has been, the primary suspect in several SWATtings across the US, not the actual caller, but the instigator. 
  •  The recording of the SWATter he refers to sounds like a lot of people. There’s no sane reason to think Brandon Darby is the SWATter, or Ron Brynaert, or anyone else on Twitter. It could be any man in the United States.
  •  Andrew Breitbart did not drop dead in the middle of a conversation on Twitter nor did his death have anything to do with any conversations on Twitter. Breitbart wasn’t online or at home when he passed away.
  •  James McGibney does not work for the Department of Justice.
  •  When it comes to working on political campaigns, Neal’s success record is very poor. I sincerely doubt the Department of Justice has a “towering hemorrhoidal assrage” over Neal Rauhauser.
  •  JoJo Camp served his sentence. He’s too unstable to setup other people and will probably be back in prison soon.
  •  McGibney is not in trouble with the FBI so he has no need of a plea agreement.

I look forward to seeing Neal file a lawsuit against the Department of Justice.

Neal Rauhauser said:
March 21, 2014 at 7:40 pm
Many of you are new to the hacker universe, so I am going to offer my perception of what is happening here.

The suit in Tarrant county, for which neither plaintiff nor defendants have any ties, was filed with the intent to force me to appear, so I could be snapped up by the FBI and put in front of a Dallas federal grand jury that is after Barrett Brown & friends.

I do know him, but I stayed clear of his operations during Arab Spring because he was drugged, sloppy, and I knew he was going to get into trouble.

I have a hate group on my tail, they’ve been there since the 2010 election.

One of them met with agent Kevin Kolbye of the Dallas FBI field office in late 2011 with the intent to set me up.

They have a terrible problem here, in that a discovery response error in a 2012 LOLSUIT provided the details of the scheme. The email revealed indicates an ideologically motivated prosecutor was involved.

This investigation was about swatting, false police reports intended to trigger violent no-knock SWAT team responses.

Here is a comparison of the political swatting calls with the voice of Brandon Darby, a former FBI informant who was just named the head of @BreitbartTexas. Recall that Andrew Breitbart dropped dead in the middle of a battle of words with me and two others on February 29th, 2012.

McGibney and camp are just the latest clots of filth dropped into my life by a Department Of Justice that is subject to towering hemorrhoidal assrage because I’ve campaigned against both of the former FBI agents in Congress.

Michael Grimm from NY-11 is currently facing a grand jury probe of extortion and his girlfriend, Houstonian Diana Durand, was arrested several weeks ago on an election fraud indictment. Mike Rogers in MI-08 was driven out of the FBI six months before the minimum time to qualify for a pension and I believe this has something to do with a CI named William Russell who was fabricating evidence against union officials during the early 1990s.

Here are the documents from CR98-232, the prosecution of paid snitch William Russell. Please note that I am *sure* Rogers got ran out of the FBI, because I’ve talked to people from the big box store where he was a night security guard after they gave him the boot. I just can’t prove he was Russel’s handler.

So you see James and Jojo clawing at each other? I see two compulsive fuckups who got caught, turned, and their plea agreements depend on them setting up plenty of other people. I’m a juicy target due to my political activism, but I think we’ve come to the point where if they reveal just a little bit more I will have enough to launch a case against the DOJ once this business with McGibney is complete.

I am recording what they are doing this weekend. Come Monday the Office of the Inspector General in both Dallas and New York will be getting pointed letters about this grabasstic bullshit.
More than you wanted to know, isn’t it?