Rauhauser Admits To Bouts Of Dementia

Some people say that Neal Rauhauser is a hypochondriac. That he obsesses on his health like he does on his internet enemies.

The tweets below should clear up the issue, Neal isn’t a hypochondriac, he just suffers from periodic bouts of crazy.

@AlisynGayle https://twitter.com/DrHubaEvaluator/status/706701718390755328 …
we just going to pass this to you, but then I saw the source 🙂
George Huba @DrHubaEvaluator
Some of the Most Frustrating Things to Deal with During Dementia (Interactive) http://buff.ly/21g3UBL
@nrauhauser Thank you for thinking of me. 🙂 This likely describes what Mom is also experiencing right now perfectly 🙁 @DrHubaEvaluator
@AlisynGayle @DrHubaEvaluator If I eat the wrong thing I get to experience hours of those symptoms. It’s not fun.
@nrauhauser What foods cause this for you? Maybe I should test mom for sensitivity. @DrHubaEvaluator
@AlisynGayle Wheat always was and milk became a problem. Got the red meat allergy common to those who’ve had Lyme.
7:17 PM – 7 Mar 2016

And if that doesn’t make you feel sorry for Neal,  here’s a list of even more of his ailments. These are from his imgur account. Be glad you don’t live with him and have to listen to him complain… 

I’ve shrank with age, 5’12” as a young adult, 5’11.25″ last time at doctor. Maybe it’s just the bald spot? That’s not comforting either.

I get this, it’s part of an auto-immune disorder. I’m awake, coherent, but eyes closed, can’t move. Passes in 10 – 15 minutes at most.

I’m ten years older than your husband was, under treatment for an enlarged heart this last year. It’s less scary since I’m responding well.

30 years on, arthritis in right hip, right shoulder troubles me as well. Wish I’d have discovered yoga sooner.

I have a similar problem due to lots of antibiotics for Lyme a few years ago. You do not want to be me after carbs, because it sucks.

I’m nearly 50, other health troubles interfere with it.

I eat vegan but I don’t self-identify as such – I’m forced into it by food allergies. The ideological vegans get much grief here.

Lyme disease: no wheat, no red meat carbs, and no dairy. My last proper takeout pizza is years in the past and will never return 🙁

Nah, wait till you’re in your forties and you start to legit worry that your a**hole might just fall out some day.

Sounds like a non-verbal learning disability. I have this, didn’t finish college, people see my research and ask where I got my Ph.D.

Yeah, about twelve good years, and nine pretty shitty ones. I got hit by a drunk driver after I was sober, has caused lots of trouble.

I am older, chronically ill. If I got a diagnosis /w poor treatability I’d say “just make me comfortable”.