WJJ Hoge Files Lawsuit Against Bloggers

Most likely an outcome of Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuit against conservative bloggers is a new lawsuit filed by WJJ Hoge against Liberal bloggers. 

Last year Kimberlin represented himself in his RICO lawsuit and went down in flames when he failed to prove that anything the bloggers said about him wasn’t true.

But the feud between all these people has been going on for years and obviously will continue for a few more. I think it would be easier on everyone to lock all of them in a room together so they could duke it out without spilling their drama all over the internet.

I have to say I’m glad Osborne has been named as one of the defendants. I’ve experienced first hand that he posts information he knows isn’t true. He’s a very angry man. 

Almighty Media is the umbrella company for all the BreitbartUnmasked websites. Last time I checked, BreitbartUnmasked websites were on Schmalfeldt’s server along with Kimberlin’s websites. And Melissa Brewer aka MissAnonNews worked for Almighty Media.

by WJJ Hoge, link to original is here

A Statement About a Lawsuit

On 2 March, I filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court for Carroll County, Maryland, against Brett Kimberlin, Tetyana Kimberlin, Matt Osborne, William Schmalfeldt, William Ferguson, John Does 1 through 4, Breitbart Unmasked, Almighty Media, and Acme (an unidentified business entity). I allege that all the defendants are members of a civil conspiracy, that all of them (except Tetyana Kimberlin) engaged in defamation, that Brett Kimberlin and Tetyana Kimberlin engaged in malicious prosecution, and that William Schmalfeldt breached a settlement agreement. The suit seeks monetary damages and injunctive relief.

I do not wish to make any further public comment on this matter for now.