Helping Neal

I figure Neal is going to have a lot of work on his hands trying to find all the documents requested in the subpoena so I’m going to be very helpful and post some. I am a very helpful person. 

Here is one of the inconsistencies between the billing statement from Neal’s lawyer and what Rauhauser states. 

According to Dorrell’s billing statement submitted to the court, Rauhauser contacted his lawfirm via their website and  Hanszen Laporte charged $165 for that.

Below is from Neal’s LinkedIn which tells a different story.

From Rauhauser’s Linkedin post entitled
Understanding Rauhauser v. McGibney 02-14-00215-CV

When I saw the lawsuit I started researching John Morgan, which led immediately to Sam the Eagle and Operation Klein Watch. These two bloggers cover Nederland detective Philip R. Klein, who had employed Morgan to sue them.

The sites showed me that Morgan was facing special prosecutor Shane Phelps, who was presenting a case to a Jefferson county grand jury involving witness intimidation and false police reports. I called Phelps, told him what had happened to me, and pointed other victims his way. Morgan plead out of this, accepting a misdemeanor charge and agreeing to not use drugs or alcohol for a year. 
The lawyer who represented Gus from OKW and Sam was Jeff Dorrell. I called his office and the receptionist told me Jeff was in a meeting. She asked what I wanted, I said “I’m being sued by John Morgan”, and she replied “I’ll go get Jeff right away.” He literally interrupted something else to take my call. I sent a small retainer check the next week, and Jeff went to work.