Plan C? Lie, Lie, Lie

I found this comment online. It sums up some of the issues that may be brought up on April 7th when the new Bullyville trial starts. 

Neal’s chapped ass on 10 March, 2016 at 12:16 said:

Neal has been posting on Twitter and elsewhere all about his big MEELLUN dollar win that is nothing but vapor. Proportionately speaking based on prior Texas anti-SLAPP cases, the sanctions component of this (once the hearing moves forward) should come in at no more than 2 cents. I hope Neal doesn’t spend it all in one place.
If Neal expects to see more than that in sanctions he will HAVE TO APPEAR to justify what “damages” there have been to his reputation by McGibney simply posting the truth about him and his stalking online. Note to Neal, you actually have to have a good reputation in order for it to be ruined. Unfortunately for Neal, his reputation has been garbage for years, all due to his own actions of trolling stalking and harassing others. Same with Brett Kimberlin.
That leaves just the attorney’s fees. And there is serious doubt even those will survive in any significant form since Neal first claimed the case was taken on contingency and now his lawyer Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanzen-LaPorte, close and personal friend of rapist felon Thomas Christoper Retzlaff, has now suddenly proclaimed the case was not taken on contingency. Which raises the question of who exactly is paying for it, since we all know Neal Rauhauser has no money.
The net net of this is any attorney fees were racked up because Dorrell chose to take a case that had already been dismissed in order to attempt to extract a payday out of McGibney. It’s an abuse of what the Texas Anti-SLAPP law was meant to address. ViaView is not some big multi-million dollar company and McGibney is no millionaire.
It seems obvious to everyone except the terminally dense that this was a law-fare scheme cooked up by felon Thomas Retzlaff, lawyer Jeffrey Dorrell, and Neal Rauhauser.