Helping Neal 2

Just helping Neal collect stuff for his court date on April 7th.
The statement below is from Disqus and the first line falls under

any written statements by you regarding the characterization of indebtedness to Hanszen Laporte in conjunction with this case“.

Neal Rauhauser  Oh Neal try harder  2 months ago

Unlike some people, who think it’s clever to run up professional services bills, then skate away by bankruptcy, that $300,000+ invoice I get monthly troubles me. I think Rauhauser v. McGibney will be a long term profitable move for Hanszen Laporte due to follow on business, but the initial work is a loss leader.
The argument that the suit was dismissed is utter nonsense, given that an identical suit was filed in Califonia. The Texas Citizens Participation Act has done precisely as the legislature intended – a plaintiff who insisted on pushing a frivolous claim has been utterly ruined and will never file another LOLSUIT.
That last part, where the screeching fades away and whining takes its place, is also kinda funny. McGibney sought me out, he attempted to intimidate me, which made me laugh, then he stuck his privates into the hornet’s nest. The stings he has suffered are elective and they’ll continue as long as he continues to engage me.
The ball has been in McGibney’s court since the day Dorrell entered his appearance for me. He could have escaped for $25,000 that day, or $80,000 on 5/21/2014, the last chance he had to demonstrate that I libeled him. He thought running up the bill would be a winning strategy. It was not.